Thursday, December 17, 2015

Blogmas - December 16: 100.2 Is Not a Radio Station

I'm very mature. Instead of 'dogs' I call them pooper doopers.
I didn't really do much today. My cough/sore throat that I've been dealing with for the past couple weeks finally culminated into a fever and I've been bedridden since midafternoon. Ended up taking my temperature and that thought for the Blogmas title occured to me while looking at it. I'm silly when I'm sick.
I'm just making myself type something because gosh dangit I've been doing so well with everyday posting! I'm in one of those lows where I feel slightly human and coherent but if that cohesion deteriorates over the course of this post I apologize.

Before I took a turn for the worst I did finally make a batch of soap. Goats milk. Hot process. Colored Blue with a hint of purple. Blurple? Scent: Grapefruit Bellini & Cotton Candy. Smells divine. I had a moment of panic when adding in the fragrance where the goats milk suddenly became very strong and I got worried that it had scorched or reacted badly with the fragrance. The milky scent faded away as the soap cooled down and cured. I even was able to cut the soap loaf into bars in the early afternoon! I used some new to me stuff like sodium lactate (makes harder soap) and tussah silk fibers (makes the lather very luxurious). Very fun. So far this is a winner. I wanted to make another batch since I had made this one so early in the day but puke isn't really a good soap additive.

Also got pretty emotionally drained because I took the time to fill M in about a pretty big heart to heart my Dad and I had about a week ago. It was one of those conversations where new information wasn't exactly presented but it unearthed a lot of old emotions and put into concrete terms things that had only been hinted at or assumed. One of those things where even as I was typing up the novel to M I was getting really emotional. I hate being vague and even mentioning this but it was a pretty big part of my day and probably contributed to my lack of energy in dealing with my fever. I'm not one that really keeps secrets out of any sense of self preservation, however I'm very protective of the secrets and lives of those around me. This story isn't all mine to tell, so all I will say is that Dad and I did not have the best relationship when I was growing up. It took me moving out for college and a lot of growth on both of our parts for us to finally get to where we are now. Plus my newfound maturity allowed a lot of things to be talked about that really helped air out the tension that was always there.

Do you have familial relationships that took a 180?


  1. I'm going through something with my older son Ty these days that seems to have some similarities. Last weekend I finally put it out there, exactly what I thought and felt about the situation, instead of dancing around the subject and dropping hints. He's an adult and I can't tell him what to do, but as a parent I can still offer guidance and wisdom.

    Funny how we've both had crabby cooties days at nearly the same time. I'm feeling much better today, and hope you will too!


    1. It's the weirdest thing transitioning into an adult and seeing how the dynamic between my parents and I have changed. They have finally stepped out of the stern parents shoes and more into a gentle friendship, and it's a combination of weird (where are my lecturing parents and what have you done with them?!) and awesome (these guys are pretty cool to hang out with as people!!).
      Luckily I burned through my fever last night and woke up nice and refreshed! Just in time, as we have to get some last minute Christmas shopping out of the way and I have to pick up a box from USPS. They SAAAAAAY they're going to ship me a box for free but it's still in Indiana and I want to send your box out, dang nabbit!