Friday, December 18, 2015

Blogmas - December 17: WHEEEE!

No new pictures so how about some soap I have yet to post about?!
Today started off spectacular! I woke up before 7 feeling a lot better and started my day spending time with my family before Will headed off to school.

After Will left and Rachel went to work we went into town to buy some presents for family that we will be seeing for Christmas. While we were out, I got a phone call. The phone call. My passport is in. My passport is in. MY PASSPORT IS IN!! WHEEEE!! I had to send an email confirming the address and that I wanted my passport mailed to me, but it's as good as here! From here it's just getting in touch with transportation and them giving me my ticket. I could very well get a ticket for before Christmas, but that's very unlikely given the timeline. I'm hoping for sooner rather than later, though. Even if that means we will have to pay ridiculous plane tickets to get me to my military hop.
After we got back I made some soap. I won't talk about the soap because a fragrance oil I used went bad and made all of the other fragrances die off. The soap is gorgeous, but I am so disappointed in the fragrance. :(
I sat around in the kitchen and tried to figure out if I wanted to make another soap but had the decision taken away from me when Mom informed me that Will had a concert tonight! A piano concert! So instead I set up some colorants and my fragrance oils for my next batch, but nothing beyond that. I took some time after that to eat and we were off!
It was a nice concert. Everyone in Will's class did a solo and also played in a duet or quartet. Punch and cookies were provided, and Will ended up with a leftover box of cookies given to him by his teacher which we promptly gobbled up. Watching all of the pianists play got me pretty nostalgic for my own Orchestra days on the violin, as well as my own piano playing I did for fun.
I actually contemplated making the other batch of soap after we got home, but decided that I wouldn't have enough energy to make a blog post, and I was feeling just off enough that I was worried about my commitment to soap safety. I'm still kind of tired and my queasiness has returned, so I'm going to try to do a round of commenting. Don't hurt me if I don't make it completely around, ok? I also have this weird thing going on with my face where my left cheek is very flushed but the rest of my face is normal. Y u do dis, body?

 Do you/did you play an instrument?


  1. Bummer about the rebel fragrance oil. =(

    I do not play any instruments, never took any lessons, was never in school band or anything like that. I've always thought it would be piano that I'd most like to play.

    EXCITING about the passport! Did you guys decide on a place to live, from when Michael was looking?


    1. A bit late on the response, but yes we picked!! It was hard to choose; we got to see 7 or 8 places and they all had great merits to them! I think the one we ended up with is good, though. Lots of porches and indoor balconies, gorgeous views, and a 7 minute walk for Michael to get to work!
      Piano is so much fun to play! It's always been something that I can turn to when my mind is overactive or I'm trying to process something. Of course that can backfire. There are certain songs I can't play on the piano anymore because I associate it with particularly rough times in my life. Oops.