Saturday, December 19, 2015

Blogmas - December 18: Hodgepodge

Yummy yummy in my tum- I mean nose.
I woke up extremely early today. Before 6. I spent that time messaging M and he ended up giving me a video tour of the apartment!

I'm really loving how we've been able to stay in contact this whole time. The internet is a wonderful thing when it comes to keeping in contact with loved ones far away. We spent an hour chitchatting. He showed me the apartment and we had fun working out which room would server what purpose. This particular apartment has a lot of balconies with some nice views. I'm really excited for it! I'm excited for everything that has to do with this move, lol.
After we got done with the video tour we switched to a voice call and played some Diablo 3, just him and I. He had to patch up the game so during that time I started a round of commenting and replying. Once we finally got playing it didn't last very long, only about 30 minutes, but we had fun and were just being silly doing some lower tier content. After the first 30 minutes though he was really dragging due to exhaustion. It was about 2:30 in the morning there, so I made him go to sleep. He's really silly when he's sleepy. "But Liz... I want all of the paragon levels. I have to stay up and get them..." It's like arguing with a kid that's sleepy but doesn't quite want to sleep. Without the temper tantrum.
After he went to bed Mom, Dad and I went out to specifically pick up my sister some presents. We had been having some trouble figuring out something to get her, even with the list that she had given us, so we dedicated one entire outing to getting her some presents.
We took Dad's Mustang out. It's a fun car, and he offered to let me drive - and I really wanted to - but I hate driving in traffic more than I love driving that car. Especially since it's a manual. Stop and go traffic in a manual is a nightmare. I did enough of that in Georgia in our little manual Rio. Besides, my driving style really doesn't allow one to appreciate what the Mustang is capable of :)
We picked up some Papa Murphy's on the way home and picked my brother up from school. They had a half day since it was the last day of this quarter/semester at school before the holiday break. We also stopped by the USPS store for the billionth time to see if they finally had any of their free shipping boxes. Something about holidays and they were wiped out? :) I understood but it really pushed back me sending out a box or two that I've been needing to for a while. Good news - they finally had the boxes! So I grabbed a few and went on my way.
We got home, ate said pizza, and I ended up crashing. By this point it was about 3 in the afternoon, and I thought I would just take what has become my typical 30-50 minute nap, then make the soap I've been wanting to make all day.
6:30 rolls around and the only reason I woke up was because my brother came into my room telling me I had two packages. One I was expecting: a lot of chunks from Sniff My Tarts. The other, some awesome mail from Deb to help with my card making (and sniffing... and munching... LOL). Those candies were delicious and very quickly munched up. Thank you, Deb! You're too sweet!
I went downstairs and made myself some tea since Mom reminded me that we had a lot of Teavana left over from when M and I bought some at the mall a month ago. I also took some time to pack and re pack and re re pack my packages to try and get everything in there that I wanted, and worked on a few handmade cards. I think I finally got a card to where I want it and it looks pretty! It's very obviously handmade and imperfect but that adds to the charm.... at least that's what I tell myself :)
M was rolling out of bed around this time and he hopped on Diablo with Dad, my brother and I for some more shenanigans. He didn't play very long this time, either, because he has plans on his side of the world to search for a potential car and just explore the city.
My brother, Dad, and I played for a little bit after that but 9 was quickly approaching and a few of us were getting tired. I contemplated making soap because that was something I'd been wanting to do all day, but I decided that it probably wasn't wise if I still wanted to have the energy to write a blog post afterwards.

So that's been my day! It's time for me to crash now.
Do you prefer a standard or automatic transmission in your car? I prefer manual because of the level of control I can get over my speed and acceleration, but I don't deny that an automatic is very convenient for those days when you just want  to be able to drink some coffee or water while driving.


  1. Glad the box arrived! I'd been wondering 'Did she get it yet? Did she get it yet?' lol

    All of your family Diablo playing has me so jealous. *sigh* Maybe I need to start playing Halo and those types of games my boys play just to be able to get back into gaming, since they don't seem to want to play UO and WoW with me anymore.

    I can't drive a manual and have no interest in learning. LOL! After riding in my friend's Volkswagon the other day though, I've decided my Pontiac Vibe is rattle little tin can of an automobile that I don't like anymore. Oh, how her car purred and accelerated and was smooth and quiet and solid and lovely and......


    1. I don't care for Diablo 3 at all! It's repetition at its finest. I only play to spend time with my family. I highly recommend playing those games, so long as they don't get overly competitive or a sore sport if they lose. I'm horrible at Halo but my siblings don't mind. It's the fun that matters! Also we have very creative minds and use the level building tools in later Halos to create game types that don't necessarily require you to brutally murder everyone.
      That is the one thing I don't like about our Rio. The cabin ride is anything but quiet, and it's a lower tier car so it's not the most comfortable or luxurious. We don't even have automatic locks! He literally roll our windows up and down! It's a good starter car for us, though :)
      Riding in pretty much any other car makes me wish we had that smoothness or comfort for passengers.