Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Blogmas - December 1st: Sick Days

I made the mistake of waiting until the end of the day to finally put together this post. I had so much I wanted to talk about and show you guys. Now I'm just sitting here with flushed cheeks, a sore throat & horrid cough, and congested head. I've been sick since Thanksgiving, but today just took the cake. I'd been at least functional until about 30 minutes ago, where everything seemed to hit me at once and exhaustion set in. Not to mention my headache that is brewing at my temple. I'll try my best to make this a worthy post, though. I kept telling myself that no matter what I was going to start Blogmas on time. I may have some gaps in posting when (if) we fly out, but that's a whole other story. My point is, I'm all drugged up and the side effects are kicking in. I apologize for any weird phrasing/typos ahead of time.

Today has been a fairly busy day. We went to Cabela's to return a watch that my Dad wasn't impressed with and my parents ended up picking up a food dehydrator so I could put my soaps in and get them a little harder sooner. We drove around to some other stores to see if they had any Fitbit Charge HRs for my mom and picked up my Dad the replacement watch he wanted. My fragrance/essential oil order from Essential Depot's 75% off sale arrived, but I've felt too icky all day to attempt to make any soap. I know the next time I want to make soap I'm going to have to multibatch to make up for these few days I haven't made anything.
I did, despite feeling bad, make some Chicken Alfredo. I made this one very different - cooked the chicken in lemon juice and basil pesto as opposed to butter and various spices. I also added some gourmet cheeses from HEB that M picked out. It was a universal hit. My sister had two bowls and she is not a fan of this dish :) Sorry, no pictures of the food. I was too busy eating it!
One of Dad's motorcycles wasn't starting up, so he and M tried pushing the bike around the driveway to see if Dad could pop the clutch and get the engine to start. No dice, so Dad's just going to take it in and get it quickly fixed. It has something to deal with it being over a year since Dad last took the motorcycle out. He said it wasn't that big of a deal, nor was it an expensive fix.
I used the better part of this afternoon to take pictures and play around with the new camera we picked up. So far I'm happy with what I've been able to do with it. And by happy I mean ecstatic. I took pictures of everything I could and hopped around like a little child until someone acknowledged the realistically not-so-interesting picture I had just taken. What can I say? I'm finally excited about taking pictures now that I have a camera that works with me. Maybe it won't be so hard to blog anymore :)
How has everyone else's first day of December gone? Is anyone else looking at doing some bloggy stuff for Christmas?
Deb, if you're reading this I read your posts and I fully expect you to commit this Blogmas! You're the reason I wanted to get today's post out so badly. In return I promise to post comments instead of being a quiet ghost reader.


  1. Awesome! I saw this and was all excited, 'Liz is doing Blogmas?!' and had to do a little happy dance. I'm not sure if I can manage something every day, especially work days, but I"m going to try. I doubt they'll all be Christmas related.

    When do you guys leave?

    Post about your soapies! Do you make goat milk soaps?


  2. I'd seen your Natters post where you'd mentioned Blogmas and I said I have to do it this year!
    I'll consider this a success if I can manage every other day. I won't even worry about whether my posts are Christmas related, though I think I have enough to post about to keep me mainly winter themed.
    Either today or tomorrow I will begin posting about my soap! :D I haven't made any goats milk soaps lately, but if Michael does end up leaving without me it's something I will definitely make!

  3. Blogmas!!!!!!!! Love it! Congrats for n the new camera too!