Monday, December 21, 2015

Blogmas - December 20: Soapy Soap!

I get stuffed animal buddies when I play video games.
I got nine hours of sleep last night. I woke up right before nine feeling very refreshed and a little confused. The sun was up! I didn't have a headache! Nobody woke me up!

I spent the first few hours of my day cooped up in my room working on posts and cleaning up a little. I also did a huuuuge round of commenting and responding; I'd fallen a little behind and didn't want to wait any longer for fear of forgetting altogether. I've really enjoyed the constant conversations that have been going on in our bloggy circle!
I worked on posting my Brambleberry haul and finished around lunch time. Mom made spaghetti, so I ate that. Afterwards, I tried to help mom put together this fancy pen that she has been needing to refill the ink on. Unfortunately she had already messed up by putting in the ink pods incorrectly so there was nothing we could do to salvage that pen.
After the food had settled I went out to the garage to make a batch of soap. This one was lavender and cotton candy at M's request. Once these cure up I'm going to have to send them to him. This was a 50% goats milk substitution, CPOP soap. Trace was really, really slow, and I loved it. It allowed me to do a very casual drop swirl that hopefully will turn out very pretty. The goats milk is slightly noticeable in the final smell but I'm hoping it does what my my other CPOP goats milk soap did and fade as the soap cures.
After the soap finished up in the oven I ate again, then went back up to my room to do some more cleaning. My brother then asked if I wanted to play some Halo so I played a few games with him. My sister joined in for the last game, too. He kicked my butt. I am not a good FPS player. lol
After that I laid down for a nap but ended up watching YouTube videos for an hour. I went downstairs to check on my soap and realized that I had forgotten to add my sodium lactate in. Drat. Guess this soap will be a little more soft. Oh well.
I made a pot of coffee, then decided that I wanted to make a second batch of soap today. M suggested Pink Grapefruit & Strawberry. I said sure, why not?
While I was setting up my ingredients and colorants I checked on the soap from earlier and realized that I could remove the soap from the mold. Awesome! So I did and cleaned up the loaf mold so I could use it again instead of using my other randomly shaped molds. This soap behaved just like the one earlier today. Slow to trace. No acceleration, perfect consistency for a drop swirl. I feel like this drop swirl will be nicer than the first one, though, because I was able to drop in all three colors into the mold as opposed to dropping two colors into the third already poured color. In any case, I'm excited for it. I used white, blue, and yellow because I wanted something that contrasted nicely and decided that I don't care if the color matches the scent.
While the soap sat in the oven I made some dinner, then played some hide and go seek with my siblings. That only lasted a few rounds before Dad called all of us over to tell us that we are going to see the new Star Wars at the Alamo Drafthouse tomorrow morning. Woot!
Around that time the soap had finally fully gelled so I took it out of the oven. I'm really excited for how it's going to look in the inside!

Now I'm going to turn in early for the night since we will have to wake up early to be ready to see the movie tomorrow.

Have you seen the new Star Wars?


  1. I have not seen the new Star Wars. I would like to eventually see all of the SW movies but I'm not into it enough to put it high on my priority list. I did, however, see the the theater...when it first came out. Yeah, that tells you how ancient I am. lol


    1. I totally recommend taking some time out of one or two days to watch the movies in order. I know a lot of people don't like 1-3 but I didn't mind it so much and it helps fill out the universe and gives a good back story on some of the characters.