Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Blogmas - December 21: *Insert Star Wars Theme Music*

 Nope, no pictures. Unless you really want to see the ginormous pile of groceries we picked up today.
Today started off like any other day. I woke up earlier than the sun and earlier than anyone else.
Where that differs, however, is why I was up so early.
Star Wars, that's why!

We all left and arrived at the Alamo Drafthouse with plenty of time to get settled in and order our meals. The previews got me excited for upcoming movies, the typical comical ads the Drafthouse plays were awesome and funny, and the food was great. I got chicken strips and some loaded fries. Yummmmmmmmmm. I balanced my meal out with water, though :P
The movie itself was wonderful. No spoilers here, don't worry, but just know that even if some things have been spoiled for you it does not take away from the movie as a whole. Just pure awesomeness. I can see how this would be a hard movie for a non Star Wars fan to enjoy, though. I grew up on this series because Dad was a huge fan so I feel like I live and bleed Star Wars.
We got home to find out that I had missed the delivery of my passport and were told that they would try again tomorrow. Apparently this is a must sign for delivery.
Then we cleaned up the house and had ourselves an early Christmas. Yup. We opened presents four days early. My parents aren't sure how long I'm going to get to stay here and we're spending Christmas with family so they wanted us to have time to play with our presents before things got crazy and/or I left. I actually didn't get anything since my parents have given M and I a laptop and I got Dad's old (not really that old) Ipad. I was fine with that because they housed M for a month and me for going on two. That's expensive!
Okay, that's a lie. My brother got me a giftcard and my sister gave me some candy. Skittles and wintergreen mints, my favorite two candies. At least, skittles was my favorite until they replaced green lime with green apple. Yuck.
I took a short nap and woke up in time to watch Ant Man with the family. While we were watching that I set up some colorants and a fragrance mix that seems okay but I'm still worried about. This is another pine type scent but it has other things in it that should hopefully outweigh the pine. We'll see how it performs in the actual soap at a later date.
We also took the time to make a grocery list and once the movie was over, Mom and I went to the grocery store and picked up groceries. Oh, my, did we pick up groceries. This was one of those trips where we got our typical every two-week groceries as well as restocks of other necessities like toilet paper, paper towels, tissue paper, that sort of thing. The cart was very, very full by the time we checked out.
It was really nice going in so late in the day. It was well after seven when we got there and there was no rush of people, no crowds, no frantic searching for turkeys and hams and other Christmas meal ingredients. Mom and I got to take our time in making sure we had everything on the list and picked up a few things that we forgot about until we saw, like orange juice or bread.
We got back and I popped in a little microwaveable meal to eat before heading up to my room, even though it was so late. I probably shouldn't have eaten but I was hungry, dangit!

Anyways, this is an early night for me. I think all of that heavy food from this morning has kept me weighed down. I don't normally eat that much in one sitting, much less that much greasy food in one day.

Have you ever opened presents early or celebrated an early Christmas?


  1. The only presents we open early are the ones we exchange if the families get together. But then, we've never had a situation like your where it worked out best to do it early. I never knew they switched the Skittles green flavor?! I love Skittles. And Chewy Sprees.

    I've seen a couple of the Star Wars movies, scattered over the years. I'd like to eventually see them all, in order, and try to make sense of it all. lol


    1. Chewy sprees are awesome! I love all of the flavors those come in, unlike skittles lol. Yeah I didn't realize that Skittles had made the switch until I bought a pack once and realized that my beloved green Skittles weren't the same. I looked on the packaging and got a rude awakening.

      When you get around to watching them all I'd love to hear what you think of it. I'm very skewed because I'm surrounded by Star Wars fans and nobody seems to have anything negative to say about the series right now. I can't have a conversation if everyone's all rainbows and butterflies!

    2. It could be a while before I see them all. We only own one or two, and our internet sucks too much to do any sort of streaming from somewhere to watch them. I did put the ones we need on a list to Santa, so we'll see.