Thursday, December 24, 2015

Blogmas - December 23: Scrambling

Remember all that cleaning I'd done? Yeeeeah...
I woke up right before 7 to an email that very quickly had me scrambling. I have my date and time! And it's a lot closer than I expected it to be!!

I can't give exact times or even a day until I am already en route, so sorry about that. But just know that very soon I will be able to post details about where I'm going to be living for the next couple years! YAY!!!
I think my Dad took the news harder than Mom did. He became very melancholy and kept finding reasons to be in the same area I was in while I've been getting ready. I'm sure Mom is just as upset, but it's weird having Dad show that kind of emotion. He's usually this stoic guy that I would never know had emotions unless my Mom informed me of them.
I've been switching between making a batch of soap and cleaning/packing. I've also been going throughout the house gathering up my stuff that has gotten more and more scattered over my time here.
For lunch we ate out at the first restaurant my parents took us to when M and I first got here. I got a blackened chicken caesar salad with blue raspberry lemonade. Yum!
I did take a couple hours to play some Diablo 3 with my brother and Dad, as this will most likely be our last opportunity to do so. Same old, same old. Greater rifts. I got geared up enough so I don't feel like I'm going to die at every corner. I still do die, and frequently, but my damage output is much higher.
That pretty much sums up my day. I'm sorry if the rest of my Blogmas is short or even nonexistent. I'm packing and trying to get ready in time!
Never fear, though! I shall be returning in full force once I'm over yonder! The posting times might get a bit off, though. I'm in a completely different time zone over there. :)

Are you going to be spending your Christmas with family?


  1. EXCITING!!! Hopefully you can sneak in a couple more Blogmas posts, even if they're short. You almost made it all the way through! Technically it ends Dec. 25. I'll probably do a Dec. 26 wrap up, and then not sure if I'll just keep going with Natters or take a break.


  2. WOOT!!!! I was hoping this would come before before Christmas! What a great gift. To know when you will be seeing your hubby again. I pray for a safe trip for you! Merry Christmas Eve Liz!