Thursday, December 3, 2015

Blogmas - December 2nd: Hi Ho! It's Off to Work I Go!

No picture today. I never got to take a picture, and as I'm typing this on my phone I doubt the post will be long enough for one anyway :)

I woke up before 7 and drove my mom to the airport for her work trip. Besides some silly van drivers who don't understand the concept of lanes it was a really nice drive! After that I either laid in bed or attempted to sit on the couch and play some Halo 2 with M. He's convinced I have bronchitis. I say my lungs just have a bit of phlegm. It's not so bad... unless I cough, in which case I go into convulsions and end up spitting out half a lung. Fun.
We tried to finish staining the upstairs porch like we told my parents we would, but we got a call from the passport office (8 weeks after the fact, mind you) and were informed that the birth certificate I had supplied was not sufficient.
So the rest of our day was spent in Austin. An hour and a half away. Getting and sending out a better birth certificate in the hopes that them waiting so long to get back to us hasn't screwed up me being able to go with M period. I'm okay with flying out a week or two later. But if this takes me beyond the timeline for concurrent travel that means that we will have to pay for me to go over there out of pocket. That would not be cheap.
So we finished up at the UPS store riiiiight about when rush hour was in full swing. After it took 45 minutes to go one mile we found ourselves conveniently close to an Alamo Drafthouse & Theatre. So we decided why not enjoy ourselves and plopped ourselves down for Mockingjay pt. 2. All in all a rather nice ending to a frustrating day.
Tomorrow, though, that darn porch is gonna get finished whether it likes it or not!

How has your December gone so far? Any illnesses in your neck of the woods?


  1. I remember running around like crazy trying to get our passports and that was waaaaaaay before 9/11 changed everything.

    My December is starting off crabby and stressful because of some stupid things at work. The plant is down for two weeks but they're having 'training' classes for all the different machines. Since I'm a lead person I'm *supposed* to attend every one of those classes. Why?! Especially when I know my fellow leads sure as heck won't be there. *grrrrr*


  2. Oh no! I hope they can rush it for you.