Saturday, December 5, 2015

Blogmas - December 4: Loose Ends

Today M and I finished up the last of the porch painting and with my Dad's help replaced the broken bits. After that I helped M round up all of his clothes and items and get packed up for tomorrow. We also did one last load of some laundry for him.
After that we went to the Verizon store and suspended our account with them. There I learned that our phones are unlocked, which means we can use them where we're going even if we're not with Verizon. Cool! At the very least I can keep using the phone for its wi-fi accessibility after the service shuts off.
We picked up some Papa Murphy's on the way back and that's what we've had for food all day. I've still been feeling under the weather so I didn't have very much.
While we were eating we watched American Ultra. I was pleasantly surprised at how good it was.
Besides that M and I have just been enjoying eachother's company. We played some Halo and sat together while eating. It made me a bit sad to realize that we waited until we found out we would be separated for up to two months to start appreciating eachother again. Then I thought about it and realized it's human nature. Besides, we were prioritizing time with other family because we thought we would be leaving the states together.
We'll probably spend the rest of the night playing video games and do the same tomorrow until he has to leave. Maybe build a fire in the fire pit if it's cold enough.
In any case, my December has managed to be more eventful than my November, and it's barely started.

How busy has this month turned out to be for you?

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  1. My December is starting off mildly crazy. I have two weeks of weird scheduling at work coming up, then I'm off until the new year. Yay! But for one who thrives on routine, this is throwing me off quite a bit. Plus trying to get Christmas shopping done early so it's out of the way..... A little crazy in my brain.

    Safe travels to Michael, and I hope your situation gets figured out soon. =)