Sunday, December 6, 2015

Blogmas - December 5: Til Next We Meet

Today was a rather emotional day for me. I didn't outright cry but there were times when I thought I might. It was frustrating me. I don't like being emotional for no reason. I'm going to see M again, it's not the end of the world!
We spent all morning playing video games. What a shocker :). We continued playing through the Halo series and finally got to Halo 5 today. We're about half way through it. Couldn't finish it, though, because M needed to get the last of his stuff together and packed up. It took longer than I thought it would because he had to repack a few bags and shower.
M cooked his last meal, a mixture of chicken and red beans and rice. It was delicious. After that I drove him in to the airport where we met up with some of his immediate family. There were no lines for the security checkpoint so he got to stick around a little bit longer. When he finally went in I had some difficulties with getting to the right shuttle to take me to the right parking lot. It was a combination of me not paying attention and lack of detailed signage. Mostly me, though.
That was really all for today. My Dad built a fire in the fire bit and my siblings and him and I spent a few hours sitting around it being silly and telling funny stories. Now I'm typing this up as my siblings prepare a multiplayer game of Halo for the three of us to play together, just like the good ol' days of 5+ years ago.
A pretty boring day all in all, but I still wanted to keep up with Blogmas.

I did get in a Bath and Body Works order thanks to Deb's reminder about the candle sale. I had completely forgotten about it until I read her post!

Are you missing any family right now? Know anyone that might have to spend Christmas all by their lonesome?


  1. How long is his flight? Is he there yet? I don't know how that military stuff you guys already have a place to live waiting for you?

    That's so cool that your family plays video games together. I miss the days when we used to spend all day here playing WoW or various SNES games. We all have different interests now. The boys are more into shooter Xbox games, hubby is addicted to little games on his iPod, and I struggle to log on and get my daily gains in UO. *sigh*

    I thought the $8.50 BBW candles were in-store only? I didn't go. Probably crazy not to, but we have enough candles for a while.


    1. He's still in the states waiting on his last flight out that leaves in a little over an hour. From there it'll be 36 hours before he arrives at this final destination. I think there's a stop or two, though. It's hard for me to work it out with the time zone differences, lol.
      We have to be there to get a living situation worked out, but they have a military hotel I'll be able to stay at once I get there. As for Michael, he has to live in the barracks until I get there. :/
      The good thing about my dad and I is we have very similar interests in games so we can keep playing stuff together through the years. My mom doesn't really care so she'll play whatever we play just to be with us. We tried a 5-man WoW levelling squad but that fell apart pretty quick. Too many people to account for.
      I'm barely keeping a small batch of plants alive on UO. They'll probably die if they don't grow up before I fly out. Oh well.
      I thought they were in-store only as well but when I checked online they had some stuff there I could get! I figured, get sale prices without dealing with crowded stores? Score!

    2. Wow, I need to snoop around the BBW site more often. Perhaps I'll do that today and see if there are any hidden gems.

      By the way, my son Casey says to tell you "Cortana is the best." lol