Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Blogmas - December 8: They're Taking the Hobbit to Erebor!

I contemplated not posting anything today as I have done nothing of note, but I'm really getting into the bloggy spirit and I figured even if this ended up being a short post I would be content.

Today I made my Chicken Alfredo again. While I was cooking we put on The Hobbit series. Extended edition, of course. After I finished cooking I sat down in the living room and watched the series from the couch. When that ended I proceeded to watch the start of the appendices. Just the first disc from the first Hobbit is four and a half hours long. Oh my.
I enjoy knowing the little stories behind the scenes, though, so I didn't mind.
I picked up my brother from school, as my sister had a dentist appointment. He hasn't seen the extended version of the last movie.... so we watched it again LOL.
I will say, The Hobbit doesn't hold a candle to Lord of the Rings, but it does grow on you. I feel like tomorrow we're going to have to put on the original trilogy.
I forgot to mention yesterday that it was M and I's 8 year anniversary. Not marriage years. Just... together years. I honestly could not tell you our marriage anniversary. It does not matter to me as much as the other date. It's really weird to think that we've been together so long. The past four years especially have just flown by. People our age have children!! That's crazy to me! Not in a bad way... just a very surreal kind of way. We keep getting questions asking about our plans to have kids and I can't say anything besides "children are not in our plans at this time." Which they really aren't. I feel like that's too far away to think about. I'm still a kid in my eyes. How can I bring another being into this world??
M and I have an agreement not to bring up the kids talk until after my current birth control expires, which is in about 3 years. Even then I'm not sure I'd be ready. He wants kids so badly, but he's willing to wait. I'm thankful that he understands and is not pushing me to make any decisions right this minute, or anywhere in the near future.
Anyway, that's how my day went. I'm sure it'll pick up again soon, as we have yet to do any Christmas shopping. I think we're waiting for my mom to come back from her work trip to go out.

How much Christmas shopping have you done?


  1. For as much as I loved and was obsessed with Lord of the Rings, can you believe I *still* have not seen any of the Hobbit movies??? We own all the dvds, but I just never sit down and watch them. I should try to do that in my upcoming time off.

    My Christmas shopping is DONE. Wheee! And wrapped! (Just waiting for two last things to come in the mail.)


    1. I don't know what it is about both series but they make me feel the holiday spirit every time I watch them or hear somebody else watching them. I think it's because they were always in theaters in December and that's when I first saw each of them.

  2. I love all the Hobbit and LotR movies. <3

    Eight years is wonderful! I am the same way as you. The day Adam and I finally met in real life is my mile marker.