Thursday, December 10, 2015

Blogmas - December 9: Mini Haul & Filthy Hobbitses

I lied when I said I bought some candles from Bath and Body Works' $8.50 candle sale. In reality I mentioned it to my mom who is away on a business trip and she ordered these for herself. I would have gotten some candles if I didn't already have other wax coming to me. I'm supposed to be cutting back and melting through this, not buying more, dangit! XD
In any case, I'm still telling you guys about what mom got because I heavily influenced her decisions. Magic power of daughter-ness, go!

Japanese Cherry Blossom was a repurchase for my sister, who absolutely loves that scent from B&BW.
French Lavender is something Mom picked up because she loves that scent.
Sweet Cinnamon & Pumpkin is a repurchase for me and mom, as we both loved and completely burned through the first one we bought last month.
Fresh Balsam is a repurchase we picked up for Dad, as he smelled the first one we bought and really liked it.
Eucalyptus & Spearmint is something my mom picked up because she really really likes that scent. I associate that scent with us spending a week at Lake Chelan, Washington when I was in fifth grade. My dad had just bought some of this in lotions and other products for mom and she used it over the course of our trip.
Vanilla Bean Noel is another one we picked up for Dad, but mom wanted a second one for herself because dad tends to take and hog scents he really likes :)

I want to take a moment to say it feels really weird to talk so much about my parents here. I worry about talking too much about them for fear of coming across as a little girl who lives at home with mommy and daddy and has her parents taking care of everything. I know I'm not, and really anyone who reads this blog knows the situation I'm in right now, but there's still that unfounded worry. I'm spending an extended holiday with my parents; of course it's going to come across in my writing! Bah, maybe it's just me going stir crazy waiting for news on my passport.

Anyways, on to what I did today.
More video games and movie watching. Dad and I set up our laptops in the living room in front of the TV, threw on The Lord of the Rings (extended version, of course), then proceeded to play a bunch of Diablo 3 together. At one point we took a break to go to the fish & pet store to get more water for the saltwater fishtank and dog food for Drake and Thor. The mailman delivered some parts that dad was needing for his desk treadmill setup. He bought a walking treadmill & desk setup back in September, and the treadmill has already kaput on him twice. If it went out again the representative was telling Dad they would have to send him a whole new treadmill. We called the guy who was supposed to come and put the new pieces in but he was telling Dad that he could only make it out Saturday after originally saying he would be able to make it out here tomorrow morning. Dad took a look at the parts and decided that he could install them himself so he told the repairman he would "get back to him." After fiddling with it for about an hour he got it working and he's been walking on it while talking to my mom on the phone.

I've gotten to the point where I wake up naturally at 2 AM and spend a few hours talking to M. It completely messes with the rest of my sleep schedule but I wouldn't change it for the world. My dad was initially giving me crap about going to sleep so early/coming out of my 'hermit hole' so late, but after I explained about the situation with when it works out to message M he stopped pretty quickly. He even told my brother off last night when he'd made a snarky comment about how early I was turning in. It really, really rocks having parents/family with military experience. They understand in ways others will never be able to.
So now I'm casually cleaning my room while watching some Vlogmas videos from people I've watched in recent years. I need more blogs to read and people to watch! I find myself reading blogs I've already read entirely too, which is fun but eventually I'll be all caught up again lol.

Do you have any suggestions for blogs/youtubers? I don't care what, just gimme stuff to read and watch!


  1. Jeanie Louise on YouTube is a current favorite of mine.
    ( )
    She mainly does craft hauls, but she's so bubbly all the time that you can't help but smiling. And she says some of the funniest things.

    I'm lacking on blogs too. I'd like to find some more like the daily journal type.


    1. I'm checking her out right now and I'm loving her so far! I see what you mean about her bubbly personality. It's so refreshing and feels... I dunno, genuine!

  2. We totally u derby and your situation. And having family to lean on is a huge blessing. I like hearing about your folks :-) They seem nice.