Thursday, December 17, 2015

Haul: Dessa's Homespun Scents

Are you ready to share in the awesomeness that is my small Dessa's haul? Deb has been posting about her experiences with this vendor's wax for a while now so I thought I would try it out!
Onto the goodies!

Lavender Vanilla: Classic fresh lavender combined with sweet vanilla. Soothing and calming.
This is a very herbal lavender that I was not quite expecting when I got this. I was thinking something more along the lines of what Bath and Body Works carries. It's still a pretty scent to me, but that lavender is very, very obnoxious.

Cranberries & Cornbread: We have blended our traditional tart cranberries with our old fashioned cornbread and baked them together in a cast iron skillet.
This brings to mind spiced bread with a hint of authentic cranberries. I initially got worried that this would be a tortilla chip type smelling bread, but there is none of that that I can pick up on. This is a winner in my books!

You know, I could probably get away with posting the same exact picture for every tart... :) They look so similar!
Country Christmas: An old fashioned country Christmas - Cozy up to the spicy fragrance of clove, apple, cinnamon & oranges - surround yourself in the nostalgia of the season. Similar to Gold Canyon's Cozy Christmas.
On cold sniff I get a huge whiff of pure cinnamon & clove. I'm not one for a super strong cinnamon scent but I'm counting on what Deb said about the fruits coming out when melted. I'm actually very excited about this one! :D

Pomegranate Cider:  Macintosh apples, sweet juicy pomegranates, a splash of vanilla, and mulling spices. A Homespun Original House Blend.
I get a sweet pomegranate with just a hint of apple and spice here. The vanilla pokes its head out at the end of the line, promising sweet goodness when melted. I think this might be my favorite of the bunch!

Smoky Mountain Berries: Cranberry juice, bayberry, fir needles, & vanilla evoke the joy of the holidays.
I picked this up on a whim when reading the scent description. I hope this is one of those scents that really shines when melted. I only picked up on the fir needles when sniffing this. I still like the scent for Christmas, I just wanted more of those other notes.

Sweet Pomegranate: Sweet, juicy pomegranates mixed with hints of strawberry & creamy vanilla.
I definitely pick up on the strawberry and vanilla here. I'm worried that those two scents have completely drowned out the pomegranate, but this is still a very gorgeous scent.

Black Raspberry Vanilla: Sun-sweetened, delicious dark raspberries warmed with a dash of sweet and creamy vanilla. A B&BW type duplication.
The raspberry is very strong here. I can't remember what B&BW's version smells like so I can't comment on how accurate this is, but the vanilla is very muted. I'm intrigued about how this will perform.
Now onto my freebies!

 Cinnamon Garland: Classic Christmas - crisp fresh bayberry infused with spicy ground cinnamon. So warm and inviting
I pick up on the strong and spicy cinnamon over everything else. I'll reserve judgement for when this is melted, but I don't expect anything besides strong cinnamon. Good thing it's the holidays!

Christmas Tree: Close your eyes and you are in the middle of a Christmas tree farm. The nostalgic scent of a fresh cut pine trees.
This is a very strong pine scent. Fortunately it does not quite touch that fake lemony pine scent that I don't particularly care for. There's a hint of something sweet, too. I have high hopes for this one! :)

So that concludes my little haul! Ordering was really simple and I got a shipping notification within 3 days of placing it. If these perform as well as I'm hoping, I will most definitely be placing an order once I settle in over yonder with M. He has an APO address set up so I can continue to buy things from the US and pay whatever USPS's shipping is! I don't think the similar shipping costs apply to FedEx or UPS, but I'm fine with paying whatever it is USPS ships for.

If you'd like to place an order you can reach Dessa's website here!

Have you ordered from Dessa's before? Do you plan to?


  1. I *have* ordered from Dessa's! Many times! Then I backed away because I felt like I was having iffy results. Let me tell you though, the Christmas scents that have been sitting since ordering months ago have been champs! (Still not admitting to curing though.)

    I laughed about your similar pics even before seeing your little comment. LOL But, I see them moving around slightly in spacing compared to the snowflake. Next time you'll have to put some on the right, some on the top, some of the bottom. lol


    1. Teaches me to wait until the last light of the day to hurry up and take pictures! I remember wondering if I should move around the tarts, then thinking "No time! No time!! The sun is going away!!"
      So far I have been loving everything that I've melted! I'm glad you pushed me over the edge on making my little order :)

  2. I love this haul! Dessa's candle shape is too darn cute. Smokey Mountain Berries is one I have been curious about. I hope the other notes pull through for you too. Is the lavender so herbal it smells a little metallic or medicinal? I am always on the lookout for good lavender vendors. Pretty much the only lavender I am not a fan of is detergent lavender. I have ordered from Dessa's once but no plans on ordering again any time soon. I need to melt like a beast for a wee bit. Plus I have a ginormous LSC order coming in January. >_<

    1. I would say the lavender has a slight metallic note to it. I only noticed it after you asked, though.
      Now that I've finally cleaned out a lot of old wax and made a point to melt, melt, melt, I don't feel so bad buying stuff again. It's nice to be back at a point where I can buy stuff without feeling guilty!
      Oh, I look forward to when you post about your LSC haul! I know it's going to be awesome!