Monday, January 11, 2016

Haul: L3 Waxy Wonders December 2015

If you've been following my posts for a while, you know I got this beauty about a week ago. Now that I've had time to unpack a little and clean up I can in good conscience work on this post without feeling like I'm putting off the real world.

This was a large mystery lot that I picked up from Jennifer when she had posted several on her website. I actually ordered directly from Jennifer using Facebook and PayPal because her website had some issues taking APO addresses and I also wanted to make sure that she was willing to go through the extra steps to ship the package. Jennifer was very sweet and accommodating through the whole process. I paid on late December 19th and she shipped the package out on December 22nd. When it arrived does not matter as that is not the vendor's duty to hand deliver the product, and packages sent overseas take a while. I got here well before the package did, so I was able to open it up and see everything when it got here!

If you've read my Stop & Chat series, you've already seen this picture. This box was packed to the brim with smelly goodies. There's something about opening a large package and slowly taking everything out that is so satisfying.

Anyways, on to the products, their scent descriptions, and Liz's not-so-fantastic scent reviews and descriptions! If there is a pour date available I will include it in the scent description.

Chicks Dig Blondes: A mixture of Chicks Dig It (cherries, sugared lemons and tart lime) and Blonde Moment (raspberries, cranberries and iced champagne). 
I think of the soaps you use in mall restrooms when I smell this. There is a definite champagne note to it and I can pick up on the berries and lemon, but when mixed together I get a really intriguing clean type scent, thus the image of soap. The scent blend isn't bad, but I already have an association with bathrooms when I sniff this.

The Naughty List:  Black Pepper, bergamot, and pink sugar.
This is a tempered scent that I feel would go well as a men's soap. I demand that M wear this in cologne form for me to snuggle up against while watching movies. You know what, I want this in perfume form so I can wear it. It's that unisex. The black pepper really helps the bergamot reign in the pink sugar for a pleasant, homey scent. I really like this one!

On to the clamshells!
Bloody Mary: Huckleberries, Lingonberry Jam, Lucky Charms.
I pick up a hint of bread (what I assume is the cereal of lucky charms) mixed with some slightly generic berry scent. I'm hoping this shows its true colors once melted.

Fangs:  Wildberry mousse, boo berry cereal (Blueberry strawberry vanilla and sugar), pie crust.
I pick up wildberry mousse and a hint of bread, much like Bloody Mary, and nothing else. This is another one I hope will reveal itself once melted.

Saved By Zero:  Marshmallow cereal, tangerine and lemon.
I smell lemon curd and just a hint of something sweet and sticky. Tangerine is nowhere to be found here and based off of cold sniff I worry that there is too much lemon to let anything else really shine.

Postre De Pera: Caramelized pear custard.
I was fooled by the pear into thinking this was an apple scent. I still am not convinced this isn't apple, but I can also pick up the caramel and custard in this. I think this is a Fall type scent, so I will ferret this away for later in the year to melt.

This is Halloween:  Dreamsicle (creamy orange ice cream wrapped around vanilla ice cream), Fresh Picked Strawberries, berry tea.
Fizzy oranges. If I try really hard I can pick out the vanilla ice cream, but I'm afraid I don't smell any of the FPS or berry tea.

Thriller:  Blueberry Pumpkin Patch Cheesecake
When sniffing at this I get a hint of pumpkins covered in an abundance of what I assume is cheesecake. Blueberry doesn't quite poke its head out on cold sniff, but if it does I still still like this scent. For once a pumpkin is not overpowering everything else!

Monster Mash: Sweet Apple Cider, Pear slices, Pomegranate and persimmons.
Pomegranate with a hint of fizz and a backdrop of fruity beverages barrage my nose when I sniff this. I know this is a Halloween themed scent but it makes me think of spring.

Feed My Frankenstein:  Pumpkin Spice, Mexican Fried Ice Cream, Apple Cider Donuts.
Aww, man. That spice. You open up the clamshell and get a huge whiff of it. I can pick up on the pumpkin/apple combo and maybe a hint of fried ice cream, but cinnamon is definitely the biggest note here. Think red hot candies. This is going into my fall pile, though I suppose I could still melt it right now.
Werewolves of London:  Orange Vanilla Caramel Latte.
I knew there was something latte/coffee scented in here when I initially smelled it. Orange is sliiightly there, but this is a huge blast of vanilla caramel latte. I get a hint of something almost tar-like when I smell this, so here's hoping that once I melt it that tar bit goes away.

Sleepy Hollow: Vanilla pound cake with pumpkin cream filling and cream cheese frosting.
Cream cheese frosting, pumpkin bread, moist cake, with a hint of cinnamon. This is another fall blend that I think I'm going to enjoy.

Lock Shock and Barrel:  Sweet Tarts, Taffy, Lollipops and frosting.
Candy from a child's Trick or Treat bag. The tartness of the sweet tarts keeps this from being sickly sweet, but everything being a candy type scent might make this a bit much for some noses. I like it, but I know it has a potential to go very, very wrong once melted.

Gingerbread Cheesecake:  Whipped cheesecake filling, crushed gingerbread cookie crust and nutmeg whipped cream.
The cheesecake tones down the gingerbread but not overly so. Fond memories are stirred of late 2004, the very first Christmas in World of Warcraft both for me and the game itself. I spent hours in Ironforge while mom experimented downstairs in the kitchen, making gingerbread cookies for the first time. In between holiday shenanigans I would race downstairs and gobble up a cookie. I've already decided that this is something I will melt in the next week or so, after I've taken the time to revamp my wax rating system.

Small scoopables!
Rainbow Sherbet: Lemon lime, raspberry and orange sherbet make up this rainbow blend. Poured 11-18-15.
A sweet, concoction that brings to mind summers at the carnival. I'm a bit concerned at how light the scent is on cold sniff, however.

Blushing Peaches: No scent description available. Poured 11-18-15.
This seems like a mix of scents. I get peaches and something that might be strawberries mixed with a baker's vanilla. I've never had this scent from another vendor before, so somebody tell me I smell anything close to what it's supposed to be.

Apple Butterscotch Cake: Sweet apples, sticky caramel, golden butterscotch and yellow cake. Poured 11-18-15.
*sniffs* Yup! That's apple! Apple so strong, in fact, I can't pick up on any other scent notes here! I think the kind of apple I smell is what's called a granny smith apple? It's a very particular kind and I recognize the scent, but I'm not an apple connoisseur and I have no intentions to begin so take my word with a grain of salt. If I melt this I will have to tone down the apple with something else. Something cakey or bakery. Or even something spicy!

Boo Berry: Blueberry strawberry vanilla and sugar, cereal. Poured 11-18-15
I smell each of the scent notes described, but there's something extra that seems... milky? I'm not quite sure how I feel about warming up a milk scent. I've smelled scorched goats milk. It's not pleasant. If that note stays far away from this wax as it's melted this will be a very pleasant scent!

Rock Candy: This is one of those mystery scents that seems to smell different for every person who smells it. Some say it smells like grape, some say it smells like mint. We say it smells like those sugar crystal rock candies with a hint of strawberries, cherries and raspberries. Poured 11-18-15.
I definitely smell the mint that's talked about in the description. Think chocolate chip mint ice cream with a hint of sweet cotton candy and that's this scent.

Heart chunks!
Pink Chiffon Ice Princess: Pink Chiffon and Ice Princess (Pink Sugar and sweet Peppermint). Poured 12-11-15.
All I pick up on is the Ice Princess here. I'm a lover of the Pink Sugar/Peppermint combo, so that's no issue, but I was hoping to pick up on some of that pink chiffon. It's one of my favorite BBW fragrances... that I ended up forgetting to bring to Korea. Wah. I had too many scents to choose from!

Strawberry Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy Blue Raspberry Jello: Strawberry, fluffy spun sugar with a hint of blue raspberry, Raspberry Jello ("If Blue had a flavor it would be this. ") Poured 12-11-15
Let me tell you, it was really hard for me to figure out which scent was its own on the sticker. I'm thinking Jennifer should separate scents with some sort of mark in the future. I smell an even mix of strawberries and raspberries rolled around in cotton candy. This will be a very sweet blend when melted. I'm not sure whether I love it or think it's too sweet. Why can't you decide, nose?

Regular chunks now!
Sphere of Light: Rainbow Sherbet(lemon lime, raspberry and orange sherbet)/Frosted Lime Cupcakes("lime skittles"/Fruit Loops. Poured 12-16-15.
This is a blend heavy on the citrus. I smell mainly fruit loops followed by a fizzy lime with an undertone of sweet and sticky goodness.

Appollo's Rays of Fire:
Camu Camu(orange juice, peach nectar, tart lime, pineapple, banana apple and berries)/Rainbow Sherbet(lemon lime, raspberry and orange sherbet). Poured 12-16-15.
I smell a generic waxy fruit covering. Do you know what I'm talking about? How some fruits have that waxy coating that has a very specific smell? That's what I get here. It smells almost fake. Ick. I'm not sure if I even want to try this one out.

If These Dolls Could Talk: Fresh Picked Strawberries Cotton Candy and Strawberry White Cake Poured 12-16-15.
The strawberry here has that almost rancid note that I picked up on in my CFTKR Strawberry Passion tarts. I wish that note wasn't there. This blend is beautiful when I discard that rancid note.

Winter is Coming: Blue Sugar/Peppermint/Eucalyptus
This is a very minty blend that screams winter. Look at the coloring, too! I don't pick up on any blue sugar, but... I know, this may come as a surprise... I really like this scent! Thus concludes my previous aversion to minty scents. There's no way I can say I don't like them and then love this scent. Nope. This smells like a perfect 50/50 blend of peppermint and eucalyptus, no particular scent outweighing the other. If blue sugar does poke its head while melted I'm not sure how I will feel about the scent, but as is I'm very much a fan.

Frosty Fizzy Bubbly/Berrylicious/Pink Sugar:  Iced Cold Frosty beverage with lots of fizz/strawberries, blackberries and huckleberries/pink sugar. Poured 8-13-15.
This is heavy on the fizz, almost to the point of smelling clean to my nose. I get a hint of berries, then my nose is overtaken with bubbly drinks. Pink sugar is very light here.

Southern Sunshine/Strawberry Passion/Tangerine Dreams: Sweet blend of tangerines and peaches/strawberry, cotton candy and vanilla/tangerines and vanilla. Poured 7-31-15.
A strawberry passion without that weird rancid note! Yay! This is a perfect blend of tangerines and peaches with just a hint of strawberry, lightly sprinkled with a bit of vanilla to tone down that sharpness fruits like to have. This is another favorite!

Naughty List: Black pepper, bergamot, sugar. Poured 12-16-15.
If you're thinking this sounds familiar, it's because I already got this in scoopable form. Luckily this is a scent I find myself fond of, so the more the merrier!

Dragon Scales/Yuzu Fruit/Rainbow Sherbet:Citrus, peaches, pineapple, apple, strawberries, and sweet plums/japanese grapefruit/lemon lime, raspberry and orange sherbet. Poured 8-12-15.
Citrus and lime without the bite, a hint of grapefruit, and something that I think is orange sherbet.

Huckleberry Harvest/Raspberry: Raspberry, grape and strawberry/sweet raspberries. Poured 8-12-15.
This smells like a hodgepodge of berries, but there's a waxy note I can't quite get my nose around. I think this will end up melting lighter and will need to be used in a smaller room.

Time Warp: Lemon Sugar/Pomegranate/Blonde Moment(raspberries, cranberries, iced champagne). Poured 12-16-15.
Sweet raspberries mixed with pomegranate drizzled in sugar and lemon juice. There's a slight fizz to this, but it's a nice and not too sweet blend of berries.

Mimosa Mandarin/Paradise/Bahama Fizz: Mandarin orange, peach strawberry and grapefruit combine with bubbly champagne/Lime, Pineapple, orange, lemon, gardenias and a hint of fizzy/BBW Type tropical blend of citrus, pineapple, banana, goji berry and kiwi. Poured 8-13-15.
Oh, my. When looking at this scent breakdown I think that this is too much for one melt. The result is a generic summer type scent with a hint of... everything? Every sniff I can pick up traces of each fruit, berry, and drink this chunk offers, but when taken as a whole it's too much for the nose. It's a great scent, but I wonder if perhaps a bit too much ambition was put into that scent combination.

Trommaville High: Vanilla Bean Nectarine (oranges, nectarines, vanilla and creamy coconut) and Iced Lemon Danish (sweet lemons, pastry and sugar glaze). Poured 12-16-15.
I smell Iced Lemon Danish but I'm afraid I can't smell anything else. I like this, but where is the first half of the scent blend?

Strawberry Blonde: Strawberry/Blonde Moment(Raspberries, cranberries and iced champagne). Poured 12-16-15.
Sweet and berrylicious goodness. The strawberry here is the sweet variety and it blends with the other berries to create a sweet medley of sugar and cotton candy for my nose. Extremely sweet. I will probably need to take this in small doses. I'm in love.

Berry Crush/Blackverry Fizz/Tropical Soda: Cherries, strawberries, raspberries, red currants, lime and juicy plums/blackberry, strawberry, pomegranate, citrus and fizz/Orange juice, cherries, raspberries, melon and plum. Poured 8-13-15.
This smells like that children's soap that would come in a semi fish shaped bottle. You know, that L'oreal kind? I just can't pinpoint which one it reminds me of. This definitely takes me back in time, and it's a pleasant scent, but I would never have thought these scent notes would add up to a children's shampoo lol.

Laird of Lallybroch: Creamy caramel Snickers, coffee, and cinnamon sugar tea cakes. Poured 12-16-15.
That cinnamon makes me a bit leery of this scent. It's borderline drowning out all of the other notes! This reminds me of the HEB brand holiday coffee my sister likes called Christmas in a Cup. A cinnamon and nutmeg type coffee blend. Yummy, assuming the cinnamon doesn't completely take over when this melts!

Last Chunk and some leaf tarts!
Camp Crystal Lake: Sea Kelp, driftwood, sea moss and leaves. Poured 12-16-15
Mmmm... I would classify this as a clean scent, just because it smells like something I would find in a detergent or hand soap. I don't know if it is actually considered clean, but I'm stickin' to it. It is really hard for me to describe this scent because the end result isn't something I can compare to notes someone would recognize. It does not have a fishy smell at all. Just a very fragrant and natural lightness to it.

Pumpkin Apple Pie Crust: No description available. Poured 9-15-15.
A very fall type scent. The apple is slightly sweeter than a typical apple scent and the pumpkin not as poignant as it usually is. I think this is another blend that  will go in my Fall box.

Pumpkin/Tres Leches Cake/Sea Salt Caramel: Pumpkin/white cake mixed with three different milks/sea salt and sticky caramel. Poured 9-10-15.
Sweet cake and pumpkins mixed with a hint of spicy caramel. There is a slight milky note, but it's not as strong as I feared it would be. Another fall scent.

A full loaf and pie! Much larger than the picture looks.
Twilight Woods/Blackberry Jam Butter Cookies/Waffle Cone: Twilight woods BBW type/butter cookies with blackberry jam filling/crunchy waffle ice cream cones swirled with vanilla sugar. Poured 12-11-15.
You know, I wouldn't peg Twilight Woods as a good blending scent for a bakery type fragrance. I'm glad to be wrong here. This is a very delicious black berry jam butter cookie/waffle cone mix with just a hint of twilight woods to add some... sophistication? It adds some musk to this very sweet blend in a way that does not detract from the blend as a whole... Wow I feel silly typing does. Does it make any sense? Just know that I'm a big fan of this blend!

Blue Sugar/Waffle Cone/Sea Salt Caramel:  Blue Sugar type/crunchy waffle ice cream cones swirled with vanilla sugar/sea salt and sticky caramel. Poured 12-16-15.
Blue sugar is very strong here. That's all I pick up. When I shove my nose into the tan and yellow wax I get a very waxy smell so I don't know how this will do once melted. I'll try not to keep my hopes too high, though. Blue sugar is nice, but not whole pie nice.

Now on to my samples!

Scoop sample & Mini tart
Moogie: Iced Lemons, Mexican Fried Ice Cream and English Toffee bits.
A generic salty bread mixed with a fizzy lemon. On the back of the inhale I can pick up on that fried ice cream. I like this!

Banana Bread: "Smells so darn good like fresh baked banana bread."
I'm going to have to dispute that whole description. This is the artificial banana that while good is nowhere near fresh baked or really something I would want in my banana bread. I can just faintly pick up on the bread scent when sniffing this. I mean, it's okay, but it's no fresh baked banana bread.

Thus concludes my rather extensive haul post! I'm excited to start melting these and see if and how any scents change once melted! One thing I do have to complain about is the darn scent labels. There was nothing telling me where one scent began and another ended. I had to work out for myself and add in any backslashes to the post when typing out the blend. No, each blend did not have its own line. It was a hodgepodge. Besides that everything was good and gravy! :)

My favorites were Strawberry Blonde, Time Warp, Southern Sunshine/Strawberry Passion/Tangerine Dreams, and Laird of Lallybroch. Favorites that surprised me were Winter is Coming and the loaf (Twilight Woods/Blackberry Jam Butter Cookies/Waffle Cone).

Which of these scents do you think you would enjoy? Do you feel like there were an awful lot of fizzy type blends? I feel like I was drowning in fizz! LOL


  1. Wow, a lot of wax in that box! You should have fun for a while with all those. =)


    1. I have to keep slapping myself when I start looking at destash pages and wax vendor pages to see if they're having any sales. I have enough wax now!
      I'm only going to buy from Sniff My Tarts for the next few months. And that's just because it'll be several months before I get that wax!

  2. What a colorful box of wax! Love the pics! Laird of Lallybroch just because I am a huge Outlander fan and Winter is Coming because mint + GoT = yes. There were an awful lot of fizzy and fruity in there. That black pepper, pink bergamot blend sounds smoking! I hope these melt great for you! Twilight Woods is a favorite of mine but every vendor I have ever tried it from throws light.

    1. I'm loving how hard this wax is as well! It'll make chopping up the loaf and pie a pain but between the wax and ambient temperature I can pop the wax out of my dish without freezing it.

      I have high hopes for how the Twilight Woods performs based on how strong it smelled on cold sniff. I'll be sure to let you know how it performs once I melt it!