Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Haul: Lush Korea December 2015

What is the best thing to do when you go on your first outing in a brand new world? Visit all the familiar to you stores, of course!!

This was a small haul, but I'm super excited for it because everything I bought is a new to me product from Lush.

 Oooh, what a pretty bag! Oh, you wanted to see the contents?

A smaller bag! YAAAY! I just wanted to show how the products were packaged by the employees after I bought it. Let's get on to the real goods! I'll include the Lush website's product description followed by my own little blurb about it and the price I paid in Won/approximate USD value. The value of Won varies heavily from day to day so sometimes I can get a little more out of my money than others.

Creamy Candy Bubble Bar: If you’d normally reach for a sweet treat to lift your mood, this bubble bar does just the job. Its sweet candy floss smell raises your energy levels and perks you up. It also offers extra moisturisation than the average bubble bar as it has a blend of almond and cocoa butter. Creamy Candy contains almond oil and butter chunks that melt onto the surface of the water, giving skin a velvety texture. 8,000W/$6.70
This soft and pink bubble bar heavily reminds me of Snow Fairy. It could be the same scent. I wouldn't know, because I don't have any Snow Fairy from Lush on hand to compare. I'm hoping to be able to split this into three or four pieces, or three or four uses. I do know that I loved the scent enough to pick up another one when we went back to Lush a few days ago!

 The Comforter Bubble Bar: When life is getting you down, crumble The Comforter under hot, running water for passionately purple water and creamy, comforting bubbles. This massive slice of vibrant fruitiness gives you the feeling of being enveloped in a warm hug and gently consoled by the friendly fruity aroma of a blackcurrant candy. It was created to bring a real sense of comfort to people, just like a real comforter would. Snuggle in, and stay undercover until you’re ready to face the world once again. Even better, each bar creates two baths of fruity comfort. 12,900W/$10.83
This is a giant bubble bar, thus its hefty price tag. I always strayed away from these giant bars because I wasn't sure if they were worth it. M pushed me to try more new to me products while we were in the store, so I figured why not? Now that I have a little experience with these bars and my own tub I can say a little goes a long way in terms of bubbles. Score!

Brightside Bubble Bar: Everything about this Bubble Bar will leave you feeling cheerful and looking on the bright side of life! When you crumble this one under the tap, your tub will turn into a vivid, hypnotizing red-orange sunset with frothy white clouds of bubbles. Sink in and inhale the uplifting citrus blend of Sicilian mandarin, tangerine and bergamot oils, and imagine yourself in a sun-drenched locale. You’ll emerge from the tub feeling energized and smelling like a dream! 17,000W/$14
Holy moly this was a rather expensive bar. I would've put this back if M hadn't insisted on it. It's about the same size as the Comforter, but instead of being a nice and dreamy sleepytime mix this really pumps you up for the day. I used this alongside the Yuzu and Cocoa bubbleroon for a bath and it really... I dunno... brightened my day? Woke me up? I used about 1/8th of this bar in my tub and it created bubbles. Bubble mountain covered in bubbles.

Yuzu and Cocoa Bubbleroon: Inspired by the unusual Japanese yuzu fruit (it's kind of like a Satsuma orange), Yuzu and Cocoa has a delectable orange-chocolate fragrance with exotic tropical undertones and an uplifting grapefruit note. It makes mountains of fluffy white bubbles and the most sublimely soft bath water you’ve ever had. With an extra creamy center and fair trade shea butter, this one is the crème de la crème of chocolatey, moisturizing and soothing baths. 15000W/$12.60
This was another expensive product, only it did not come in the massive size Comforter and Brightside came in. This is actually the smallest bath product I've gotten from lush, and it's one of the most expensive. I went ahead and gave it a try, and I did feel a little more silky after my bath, but I'm not sure it's worth the money. That didn't stop me from picking up a different scent a few days ago... <_<

Avobath: Our bold green Avobath Bath Bomb is not for lazy days lying back in the tub. On the contrary, it’s for gray days and mornings (afternoons and evenings too), when you just can’t shake your brain fog. Pop one into your bath for an instant jolt of invigorating, lemongrass-scented energy and fizz. Splash about in the shimmery green waters and let the fresh avocados and olive oil soften you up and leave you with softer, supple skin, as well as a brighter outlook. Next time you need a zesty refresher; all you need to do is Avobath. 8,200W/$6.70
I used this for a bright and cheery bathtime experience and it was a very vibrant scent. Perfect for those midday baths when you still want/need to get some work done afterwards. I used about 1/6 of the bath bomb for that, and I would probably use a little more next time for a heavier effect.

Sparkly Pumpkin: No website information available, as this is an older Halloween product. 10,000W/$8.25
I recognized this as soon as I saw it. I've seen too many YouTube Lush hauls not to know what this is. The product was a bit older and according to its sticker past it's Fresh By date (which is different from its expiration date, which apparently these have none) but I wanted it nonetheless. I've never tried Lush's other holiday goodies besides I've only ever bought from Lush at their Boxing Day sale. I'll be sure to share how this one performs once I try it.
This is a very sparkly bubble bar. The scent ranges between something that might be pumpkin and baby powder. Hmmmm.

Peeping Santa Bubble Bar: Have you been naughty or nice this year? Only Peeping Santa knows for sure, so you should probably crumble him up in your tub before he tells everyone your secrets! Made with hand-churned shea butter from the Ojoba women's cooperative in Ghana and creamy fair trade cocoa butter, this bubbler will keep winter skin soft and smelling like sweet summer strawberries. What more could you ask for this Christmas? 11,000W/$9.20
This is a cute little bubble bar that has a faint smell of strawberries and... again, Candy Mountain/Snow Fairy. Maybe I just have that scent heavily on my mind or maybe Lush is recycling scents (not that they don't do that anyways) but I want my candy mountain bubble bar, darnit!
This bubble bar definitely has some more softness to it than other bars, but I don't use enough per use to have a lasting effect on my skin beyond what I'm already used to. This was still a fun bar to use!

Thus concludes my small first Korean Lush haul. I think my favorite of the bunch here is Creamy Candy, and I'm wishing I had picked up more bath bombs to use. My bubble bar to bath bomb ratio is completely off.

Which of these products do you think you would like the most?


  1. GIRL! This haul. These pics. Those reviews. Love. The first one you showed is a Snow Fairy scent... good nose! I am surprised you found a pumpkin, those have been long gone. Great score. I really need to get my paws on that Yuzu bubbleroon. When I sniffed it in store last week it reminded me of coconut and the beach for some reason. I love the bubbleroons but you are right. Mega pricey. I have my very first Peeping Santa coming from my Boxing Day hauls. I laughed when you wrote about crumbling him quick. What a naughty lil creeper. I think the Yuzu would be my most coveted right now. Just because I smelled it but haven't had it. Enjoy your goodies Liz! Happy bathing rituals! <3

    1. I totally get beachy coconuts from Yuzu as well. It's definitely a luxurious bar and will leave your skin really silky, but my goodness that price and size. I would say go for it, though! It's a great splurge every so often, especially if you didn't manage to pick up any bath melts, like me. I miss my bath melts! D:
      Is Peeping Santa a new product for this year? I don't remember seeing it in previous years.

    2. I think I will try and get it next time I am at Lush. I want to check out their Valentine's release anyway. Unicorn horn will be mine. You know I think they may have had peeping Santa last year but not 100% sure.

  2. LOL - I'm finally getting a chance to read this post and do some rounds of commenting, and I was confused for a moment. That first pic had me thinking I was at Julie's blog!

    I can't wait to get my order now! And I like that you mentioned midday baths because I think that's probably what I'll end up doing. On my boring days off, when I'm fighting off napping, I'll try pampering myself in the tub!

    My interest immediately went to the two holiday ones. No surprise there. lol


    1. You know, while looking at my pictures I was thinking that my flooring has to be VERY similar to Julie's because I get confused as well. "I don't remember saving Julie's blog pictures to my hard drive! What are these doing here?! Oh, those are MY pictures!"

      I can't wait to read about your UK orders! I'm getting some Lush shipped to me as well, because I obviously did not have enough before. <_< At least I know I'll be taking some very luxurious baths in the future!