Sunday, January 3, 2016

Haul: Sniff My Tarts December 2015

While M was in Korea and I was stuck in the states I found myself pretty constantly checking the waxy world Facebook Groups. This vacation has found me very much back in the loop for products and vendors and openings. I'm not quite sure if this is a good or bad thing. Eh, I'll figure that out at a later date.

One of the things I was always available for were the lots Amy kept posting. There were several posts that she put up that I had plenty of time to pick up but ultimately decided against. One morning I finally pulled the trigger. The scents all sounded good to me or at least were something I was willing to try so I figured why not? Let's take a look!

Not quite everything that I got in my box is pictured here, as I wanted to send Deb a few things in her Christmas/Birthday box that I thought she might enjoy. Tarts are named and described left to right.

Peggy's Blueberry Noel: I can definitely see why this is a very popular blend. I asked M to describe this scent without him reading the label and he said "Candy Blueberries." I can definitely get that. This is a bakery type blueberry with a hint of what I assume is Vanilla Bean Noel and something else... something berry. I'm not quite sure. Sometimes when I smell this I get a hint of serendipity. I have very high hopes for this scent.
Marshmallow Noel/Vanilla Butter Fudge/Serendipity: On cold sniff this is incredibly strong on the serendipity. I can pick up a hint of the sweet mashmallow but nothing else peaks its head out enough for me to distinguish it from the serendipity.
Powdered Sugar/ Pretzel/Fresh Picked Strawberry: I definitely pick up on the pretzel and a hint of what might be fresh picked strawberry, but it is hard to tell at this point. The blend sounds intriguing -what does powdered sugar smell like, anyway?- but I can't pick up anything that makes this special.
 Vanilla Bean Noel/Frost Bite/Spearmint: I definitely pick up on the spearmint here. The frost bite, which is a winter green blend according to the website, is ever so light and could actually be the vanilla bean noel. I view winter green as a sweeter scent, so it could be either. I do smell the VBN, though.
Adaly's Marshmallow Peepers/Lemon Curd/Peggy's Blueberry Noel: I smell a sweet and sticky lemon that has just a little bit of bite, followed by a hint of vanilla. It takes some searching to find that blueberry, but it's there. I'd say this will be a pleasant blend if the proportions of scents stay the same when melted.
Butter Cookie/Caramel Drizzle Bread: I get pretzels with a hint of caramel when I smell this. M's nose got buttered bread. When I told him the name he said he could smell the caramel, but it was very faint. I may have to add something a little sweet to this if the caramel doesn't come out when melted.
Vanilla Ice Cream/Blackberry Jam/Lemon Curd: Blackberry jam is the dominant note here, with a hint of vanilla creamyness and just a smidge of lemon. I'm very excited for this blend if it stays like that when melted. M does not like this blend so I will have to try it out while he is on shift.
Cotton Candy/Sweet 16/Strawberry Pretzel: This cotton candy is not the sweet variety. I get a hint of cherry. That might be from sweet 16, as I do not know what's in that blend, but I do not get the typical sickly sweet cotton candy here. As for the strawberry pretzel, I can smell a very artificial strawberry but the pretzel is nowhere to be found. I'm on the fence about this. It could go either way depending on what happens when it melts.
Toasted Marshmallow/Jelly Doughnuts/Glazed Doughnuts: I get a generic sweet scent when sniffing this. I feel like all of the scents just blended together. It's not quite donut (Because that's how I spell it here in 'merica) but not quite marshmallow. I get a tiny hint of jelly sometimes when I sniff this, but it's not always there. Intriguing blend, that's for sure.
French Toast/Marshmallow Fluff: A light, authentic cinnamon and maple dipped in marshmallow goodness. At least on first, light sniff. If I shove my nose in the bag and inhale the scent the cinnamon definitely turns back into the typical spicy cinnamon we all know. I worry that this cinnamon will overpower the rest of the fragrances. If not, this will be a very fantastic scent.

Of these chunks I'd say my favorite is a tie between Peggy's Blueberry Noel and the Vanilla Ice Cream/Blackberry Jam/Lemon Curd blend. I reserve final judgement on several of these until I get to melt them. I'm getting kind of excited for the customs opening that going to be announced soon. Depending on the details and if I'm in the mood when the exact opening time hits I may or may not try and participate.

Which of these blends do you think would be your favorite?


  1. The last two actually sound quite interesting to me. I had to go back and check which ones you'd sent me. They are Blueberry Pumpkin Donut, and Mrs Claus Peppermint Cookies/ Marshmallow Noel/ Candy Grasshopper Pie. Both are set aside in their respective seasonal boxes, but I might just say heck with it and melt them yet this winter.

    I'll be glad when the whole copycat chunk phase is over. I just want wax that's easy to get again!


    1. If you're feeling the wintery/holiday spirit I say go for it! Especially since we've been robbed of our Christmas spirit! That's why I was melting some holiday scents well into Spring last year. I felt some Christmas spirit and thought I would roll with it!

      I can understand why people like the chunks due to how pretty they are but I feel like the whole chunk blend thing doesn't make for consistent wax. Every wax tart will have a different proportion of scents in it so if you like one particular chunk you may never get those exact scent proportions again.
      It's been over three years... I don't think it's going to get any easier. Just newer vendors popping up. :/ I can hope, though!

    2. I've thought of that too, the blending proportions. Sometimes when I'm chopping up RG muffins or chunks, I actually look to see if I'm fairly even on the little chunks. I also think that's why blending the RG mini melters on your own does not produce the same results as a RG blended chunk.

      It makes me cringe when brand new vendors start up with the open/close shops and lists. GAH! If you're new, just freakin' stay open and prove your worth it first! New vendors could probably steal a lot of business from impatient people like me if they'd get back to simple, always open, RTS style.


    3. YES! These people have no reason to try the open/closed model. It's not like the big vendors started off that way before they hit it really big! No, they stayed open all the time. Starting off your business with the open/close model does not attract me at all.

  2. Nice photos! I would have to say the serendipity blend for sure. Are you liking them? Getting a good throw?

    1. I haven't had a chance to melt any of my wax since arriving in Korea! I don't have a tart melter! As soon as I find mine in our household goods shipment I am turning it on and going on a melting spree.
      With the size and layout of this apartment I could definitely buy one or two more melters and have more than one scent going at once. How exciting!