Sunday, January 31, 2016

Pink Grapefruit, Strawberry, & Pink Sugar Handcrafted Soap

This was a soap I absolutely fell in love with, from the scent to the colors to the performance from the loaf ends I washed my hands with before leaving home. Ah, I'm really regretting leaving a lot of the soap I made to my family. I'm selfish and want it all back, dangit! LOL

Base Oils: Olive oil, castor oil, coconut oil, palm oil
Superfatting: Sunflower oil, sesame oil
Fragrance: 12.5/12.5/75 Pink Grapefruit/Pink Sugar/Strawberry

This was a slow moving recipe but unlike some others I had worked with, this wasn't so thin that the colors bled together while pouring the soap. This was a CPOP soap, and it gelled perfectly after about an hour and a half at 175 degrees. There was minor dragging from the titanium dioxide, but not nearly as much as some other soaps I've made. The yellow and blue turned out gorgeous and I feel contrasted with the white very nicely. This was one of those soaps that I didn't care about color matching the fragrance - I just wanted something that stood out. Even before I cut up the loaf my family was complimenting the pretty colors.

This soaps lathers nicely and is very gentle. I felt clean and soft after using this, and the fragrance stays but is not overpowering. The soap was hardening up pretty well by the time I left the States. I'm curious to know how hard these soaps I made have gotten now that they've had time to cure.

The recipe I used here was a lovely recipe. It had 40% olive oil but still ended up a nice, creamy white color. I barely had to use and titanium dioxide to whiten up the white section of my soap.

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