Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Revamped Wax Rating System!

New year, new place, new warmers (that last one is in the works but I'm getting there!) so what better time to revamp my wax rating system than now! Okay, I say revamp but I really mean make slight adjustments to what I already use and modify rating systems to accommodate for my current wax expectations and the house layout. The extra page that I keep on the side of the blog has been updated as well to reflect these changes, as well as include some new sections so readers can see all of the rating systems I've used in the past.
Anyways, on to the new(ish) rating system!

Scent Description: If possible, this will include the vendor's scent description of the product. Then I will include my own thoughts on the scent.

Date Poured/Received: This will only include the pour date if it's available. If that's not available, it will include the day I received the wax. I've decided to include this for those who are curious, and for my own records. I'm not quite sure how I stand on the whole 'curing' thing. It can't hurt to have this info, though. :)

Weight Melted: In ounces.

Location of Warmer: Since I'm upgrading to two or three warmers in the house I figured the location would be a nice thing to document. There will be four possible locations: Office, Guest Room, Living Room, Bedroom.

Cold Sniff: 1-5. Anything 3 or higher means I at least liked the scent.

Warm Sniff: 1-5. Again, anything 3 or higher means I at least liked the scent. I will also document any differences between the cold scent and warmed here.

Scent Strength: 1-3. How strong is this scent? Is it a background, light scent? An in-your-face scent? Or is it somewhere in between? Getting a 1 isn't necessarily bad; it just means the scent wasn't very heavy on the nose.

Scent Throw: 1-3. I'm easing up on my tart throw requirements because I'm expanding the number of warmers I use. My expectations are affected by the room the warmer is in.
1/3 Means that this tart was horrible. There was no throw. At no point over the course of melting did I smell the scent anywhere but with my face on top of the warmer.
2/3 Is a decent throw. It didn't completely fill the area I expected it to fill, but it got most of the job done.
3/3 Is perfect throw. This scent extended exactly as far as I wanted it to, filling the equivalent of two rooms.
>3/3 Means that this scent extended beyond where I expected it to.

Melting Power: 1-5 How long did the scent last while melting? I'm bringing down the range in hours that I expect from my tarts, as I'm really big on switching out my scents frequently. Variety, people!
0-2 hours is 1, 2-4 hours is 2, 4-6 hours is 3, 6-8 hours is 4, and anything over 8 hours is a 5. I'm aiming for a five in this category for expectations, but more often than not I will switch out the scent before I get to that point.

After each category has been rated I will do a little blurb on whether I would repurchase this tart/wax or not.

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