Friday, January 1, 2016

Stop & Chat: December 31

Our view from the living room window.
I did nothing of note yesterday besides some cleaning and lots of nap taking. M got home midmorning and crashed for about six hours so I spent my time putting about in the living room. By the time he woke up we had just enough time to eat and watch a movie together before I ended up crashing and he had to leave for his shift. I woke up at two again and was going to work on some posts that I've been wanting to do... only to find that M had taken the laptop in to work because it was New Year's Eve/Day and they got to play some video games because of it. It was mildly infuriating (how dare he ruin my schedule?! LOL) but I could have made do with his desktop setup and worked on the text part of my posts, then added the pictures later once he got home. My point is, it's been so long that it is over half way into the next day before I've even had a chance to sit down and write about yesterday. Already I don't like having to switch everything to past tense and say yesterday. I want to write about my day at the end of it, not the next day!!
Since I've pretty much summed up all activities of note for the day I wanted to take some time and vent out one very particular frustration I have had with this whole move.

Others' reception to finding out where we am now living has left a rather sour taste in my mouth. I expected some less than educated responses and jokes simply because of the geographical location and our proximity to North Korea. I never imagined the sheer volume of negativity we would receive about it. When M's projections first came in and we started talking with our military friends about it, the reception was less than stellar. It was a lot of apologies for us and a downtrodden attitude. You'd think we had just been sentenced to death. M and I were astounded at this. What was so bad about Korea? It is a beautiful place with a lot to offer and we have heard nothing but great things about it from people who have actually lived there, including my grandfather. Of course there are going to be issues with moving to a place that is so vastly different from our own culture, but it was really weird to see people react in that way. I was so disappointed to see one of M's friends who also got Korea take a completely angry attitude towards it. With that viewpoint of course you're going to have a bad time! It was a breath of fresh air when we talked with our own families about it. Of course our families were unhappy that we were going to be so far away, but they were excited for the opportunities we were going to get and the fact that we get to travel and live in a whole other country for M's job!!
Over the process of this move I disappeared from my online locations for several days. Some of my gaming friends took notice and messaged me on Steam while I was gone. One of them had invited me to play some Rust and I made a point to inform him that I wasn't sure when I'd next be able to play. When he asked why I informed him that I was moving to South Korea. I'll include a copy and paste of the conversation, with both of our usernames modified.

Me: yup!
Him: Why are you happy?
Me: it's not north korea lmao
Me: it's really not a bad place to be
Him: -.-
Him: It was good knowing you.
Me: lol
Him: Don't eat to many dogs.
Me: I'll try not to
Him: I'll try not to get you mad because you'll blow me up.
Me: lol suure i will
Him: GET HER NSA!!!!

At that point I stopped responding, unfriended him, and blocked him from ever communicating with me again. I should point out at this point that this guy was not one of those that I considered an actual friend, but more of an acquaintance that I met through Rust and occasionally played and talked with. I really tried to keep my end of the conversation light, but holy shit that pissed me off. Sorry about the language. Regardless of whether he was trying to joke around (this guy has a history of making very tasteless jokes) I did not need that negativity. So I removed it. That final straw really got me pissed off about the attitude I had to deal with from some people about this whole move. So I cleaned those people from my life. Or at least my social media pages. They're several thousand miles away now so I already have the physical distance down.

The good thing, and the thing I'm trying to concentrate on in all of this, is that the people whose opinion I truly care about are happy for this next step in my life. My lifelong friends, my family, even you guys have been so supportive and happy for me it's made me forget about all the negativity and this guy until he started harassing M on Steam, asking why he was online when I wasn't. Thinking about it sure wasn't working it out of my mind so I figured some really cathartic venting would work. Lo and behold, it has!!

Now I'm going to maybe finally finish my Sniff My Tarts haul post and wait for M to wake up. He was expressing interest in going into town but I'm not sure if he's going to want to do that anymore when he wakes up.

Do you have anything you feel you want to vent about? I'm all ears, since you've indulged me! :)


  1. That guy is a dick. Even if you were going someplace more dangerous (and I think even Germany might be more dangerous these days!), I'd worry but I wouldn't get all snarky and turn on you. Geez, I bet this douche is one of those who runs around misquoting the Amendments and screaming about his rights, probably believes his shooter games are depicting the 'real' world beyond the government conspiracies. Tell Michael to kill him a few times in-game. LOL

    Chin up! Hope 2016 is great to you!


    1. This is the same guy that told me to get off of my period if I was going to be mean when I was in the middle of a CS:GO match and not quite able to respond to him when he wanted. I initially got mad and vocalized that until he used it to further emphasize that I must be on my rag and pmsing if I'd get upset over him making a 'harmless period joke.' I ended up brushing him off because I'm used to the sexist jokes that always circle around women's reproductive organs, but the terrorist comment got me too worked up to let it go.
      He's too scared to ever play a game with Michael. He prefers me because I'm 'nicer.' LOL
      I still am loving my time and enjoying 2016, so I'd say the annoyances here or there should stay a minor blip on my radar. I refuse to allow any negativity to ruin my time here!

  2. I am so sorry. People are idiots. Honestly, the more you go abroad and expand your horizons, you will begin to see the sometimes extreme short-sightedness of others. I find myself more and more intolerant of closemindedness. You are going to have one hell of an amazing life experience over there! I am happy your family and close friends are supportive. That really does make it nice.

    Vent. Nope. Nothing yet. But I am sure something will crop up. lol! Happy New Year Liz. I know 2016 will be incredible for you and Michael. Many beautiful things popping up!

    1. I probably let it get to me more than it should have if I ended up blogging about it, but it was on my mind and I've decided to turn this blog into as much of my diary as I'll ever have so I guess the lows have to go in there with the highs. :)
      Happy New Year to you as well Julie! I feel like this will be a good year for all of us. Excuse my chokingly optimistic outlook but life is too short to not have a good year!