Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Stop & Chat: January 26

Today was a pretty relaxing day. I went on a little run to get some steps in (I have to beat everyone at our Fitbit challenge, don't you know?) and spent the day laying with M and watching some YouTube. We had a really confusing morning. I woke up thinking that he had work tonight and he believed me when I asked him what he was going to do before his shift tonight. Half way through the day he asks me what day it is and checks his schedule and exclaims "I HAVE TODAY OFF!" and we both got incredibly confused. I guess yesterday was so jam packed we forgot that he actually worked through yesterday morning. Yay discombobulation.

One thing I forgot to mention in my post yesterday was my belated Christmas. Mom sent me part of my Lush sale order, some things I wasn't able to pack in my bags, and my presents from my grandparents. I also got a box from Julie! She was very generous with her gifts and it blew me away. She's an evil enabler and I'm currently going back and forth on buying a $70 perfume from Solstice Scents. On top of what I'm already eyeballing from Sonoma Scent Studio. You're killing me, girl!

Anyways, I said I would take pictures of the nail care stuff I got and share them so let's get going, shall we?

"Nail Trimmer" and cuticle pusher. That nail trimmer is sharp. I used the pusher to push back my cuticles which frankly have become incredibly overgrown and used the trimmer to shave off the excess skin. I cut myself on three fingers without feeling a thing. My thumb kept bleeding for several minutes before finally calming down to an angered pinkish color around the cuticle. I know, you're not supposed to cut your cuticles and infections are a possibility and they're bad for your nail health, but I assumed I would get the same results here as I would get with my nail trimmers at home. Boy, was I wrong. Now that I know how sharp this thing is I will definitely be more gentle if I have to use it again.

As for the cuticle pusher, I'm in love. I don't use the harder square end and don't plan to, so I can't speak on that half. The rounded side, however, I can say fits perfectly to every one of my nails and makes cuticle pushing a breeze. All I've used before this were those cheap 50¢ plastic-and-rubber pushers from Sally Beauty supply. Those would still cut into my nail bed if I wasn't extremely careful. As a result I was afraid of ever using a harder material like metal on my nails. Maybe it was the quality, maybe it's my own experience in cuticle pushing, but I got no nail tearing and my cuticles look like I've been caring for them for years, which I frankly haven't. It's been about 8 months before I put any TLC into these poor guys.

I paid between 3 and 4,000W for each of these products. If I had to I would definitely repurchase.

Nail polish remover. From the smells of it this does have acetone but I cannot attest to how much is actually in here. I've also not used it to remove nail polish so I cannot comment on how effective it is.

Four Missha nail polished in (L-R) RD06, OR05, GCR01, and CR07. The two leftmost polishes were picks by M. You can see the stickers here that run from the cap down to the bottle. I know you can just peel the top of the sticker off and open the nail polish, but these looked untouched. I'm probably going to layer one of the nudes with one of the glitters Julie was so kind to send me. Thanks, Julie!

From Skin Food I got a base coat, top coat, and cuticle oil.

I also got these two polishes, BR607 and BR612. Both shimmers.

That's all for today. I may go for another jog even though it's 10pm here. Spending so much time moving around has me itching to get up and run. I guess Newton's 3rd Law of Motion really works :P

How has your day been? Are you into nail art?


  1. I love those Skin Food shades. Sorry to hear your hand got a bit of a mauling. My cuticles always look like crappola. But I am terrible at picking at my cuticles. Glad your stuff arrived safe! You know I gotta spread the fragrance love.

    1. One of the things I pride myself on is the state of my cuticles. My nails grow all sorts of wonky and it's hard for me to get them all even and nice looking but I've always felt like my cuticles were something I had control of. Fortunately they've already healed from the ordeal I put them through (LOL) and I now know what to expect from that trimmer.

  2. Skinfood and Missha is just the tip of the Korean beauty iceberg, my friend. I have a feeling you will be amassing a huge collection of nail polishes soon! I honestly know nothing about cuticle stuff, I just let the manicurist do it all for me. But I know I should moisturise them a little better because I do get little flakes of skin coming off. Bleah.

    1. Korea is so dry! My cuticles hate me for it and I feel like I have to moisturize 4 or 5 times a day for semi human looking hands.
      My sister is sooo jealous that I get first hand access to all of these Korean beauty products. I told her I would be sure to try out all of the products for her. But not send her any, of course. :P
      It's crazy going into the beauty sections of a mall. So many things to choose from and such variety in product types. This is really a haven for my sensitive skin.