Monday, January 4, 2016

Stop & Chat: January 3rd

Mom wanted a picture of the other jewelry boxes, so I decided to share.
Yesterday ended up being a very lazy day for me. M went for a bike ride in the late morning and I pretty much stayed on the computer all day. I did work on some posts and I'm getting ready to switch over the blog to Seoul's timezone, so if dates and times look off that's why. I wish the blog would retain local posting times and not entirely switch everything when I change the timezone. All previously posted holiday stuff will now look like I've posted it the day after. Oh well. Anything that is tied to a specific date will have the actual posting date somewhere in the title (take all of Blogmas for example) so it shouldn't be too confusing if anybody goes back and reads the blog.

Speaking of blog I'm getting a ton of hits lately! People seem to really like reading about my experiences here in Korea! I'm glad everyone is as excited about reading this as I am about sharing!

Another thing I do want to address is my use of jump breaks. I apologize to those of you that dislike jump breaks. I didn't like them either until I realized that I couldn't tell what specific blog posts of mine people were interested in. If I don't do the break jumps someone will go in and read whatever post they're interested in from my home page, and that's all I'll know. Somebody visited my home page, but I don't know whether they stayed and read what I had to say or immediately left the site for other, better blogs :) The jump breaks are more to help me see what I should write more about than to attempt to inconvenience you, I promise.

As you can see in the picture above, I decided to go ahead and share the other things I got from the jewelry box vendor. While talking to Mom I had mentioned that I picked up some things for her and my sister, and she really wanted a picture. So I whipped out the fancy shmancy camera and took the picture, and Mom says both her and Rachel like what they see! Yay! I'm such a good gift-getter!

After M and I established that we were most likely not going to go to the museum, he tried to lay down and take a nap. I took a Lush bath, making sure to make my water extra hot so I could really soak in the tub for a while. I spent that time watching a bunch of beauty videos on YouTube and reading some more blogs that I've stumbled across. The bubbles were long gone from the bath by the time I got out, but I felt nice and relaxed!

For supper M boiled the whole chicken we bought a couple days ago. Then, we de-boned the chicken and added in potatoes, peppers, onions, and mushrooms. Let me tell you. Authentic, fresh chicken broth is amazing. It's so delicious. So flavorful. So succulent. The chicken fell apart as we scooped it into our mouths. The potatoes were just the perfect amount of squishy - they waited until they hit our mouths to fall apart. The mushrooms were nice and soft. The onions added just a little flavor and crunch. The peppers.... well, I don't like those so I guess they were okay LOL. We added the soup in with some rice to round out our meal and chowed down. I know, eating out of Tupperware is just so fancy. I wish our household goods would arrive already. I miss my ceramic bowls and plates.

After supper we talked for a little and then I got ready for bed. M stayed up all night to try and force his sleep schedule back to night shift appropriate times. He was getting ready for bed when I woke up and got ready for the day. I'm still dealing with the same grogginess I had yesterday, so I may ask M to come out with me on some sort of urban hike whenever he wakes up. Besides that I will probably try to put away/take pictures of the Lush I got in our outing the day before. Oh! I'll also read, since I have a pile of books I need to start working on. Yay!!!

Is jet lag really supposed to be this bad, or am I just a big ol' wimp?


  1. The soup looks yummy! I'm starving right now and hubby won't go get KFC. *grumbles*

    As for your jet lag, I doubt it's still jet lag at this point. You didn't have much of a schedule back home either, did you? And your sleep has been weird for a while now, so I think it's a continuation. Maybe setting a schedule for yourself might help? That probably sounds bitchy, and I assure you I don't mean it that way!

    Looking forward to your Lush pics!


    1. This leftover soup has been what's fed me for the past day and a half. It's so good I don't mind having it again and again and again...

      Maybe it's because of my extended weird sleep, but when I was working I had an even worse sleeping schedule because of the shifts I would end up working and I bounced back pretty quickly. Maybe it's just a culmination of new world, stress, and travel? I KNOW I'm someone that reacts badly to moves. I had a hard time last year around this time.