Monday, January 4, 2016

Stop & Chat: January 4th

I did not leave the house today, but I got the house ready for our household goods shipment tomorrow. That counts for something, right?

The beginning of my day was spent surfing the web and catching up on blogs/YouTube. I had some leftover soup and began working on some blog posts. Then I took a nap because I was still feeling really tired. M was asleep from about six in the morning til right before two in the afternoon, when I woke him up. He was supposed to call the guy in charge of our household goods and had said that he didn't think he would sleep past noon, leaving plenty of time to call the office. Two began looming over my head and I thought maybe I should wake him up.

M got our stuff arranged for delivery tomorrow right around when he comes home from his shift. I don't know how he expects to maintain any semblance of proper social etiquette when he is ready to go to sleep and has to check each box and item off a list. I'll be there to help, but technically he has to be the main point of contact since he's the service member. I could do it since I'm his spouse but I lack a lot of the knowledge and general social skills M has to handle the situation.

Once the appointment was set up, M went to check our mail box and came back with my L3 wax I've been expecting. I got a lot more than I was expecting. I mean, I knew what was coming because there was a specific list of what you would be getting, but I didn't know how much I was getting. What fun!

M left after I opened my box to help a friend set up and buy some parts for his computer. I considered going, but I wasn't that interested in walking around the electronics market and I knew I had some cleaning that needed to be done. Also, this wax needed to be photographed :)

I got my picture taking out of the way first. Wax is messy when you take it out of its container. I ended up sweeping the area I'd taken pictures in because some pieces were too small to simply pick up. From there I swept the entire apartment, did dishes, got some laundry together, and did general declutter and unpacking work. Since M was no longer asleep or even in the house I could finally clean the master bedroom. Our plane bags were finally fully unpacked and clothes put away. I started moving electronics, body care, and other nick knacks to their own spot. I consolidated shopping bags and contents and threw away trash that had been piling up on tables. I cleared off a lot of tables. Our stuff really likes to spread itself out over every surface possible. Looking around the living room as I type this, I feel a lot less stressed about stuff being strewn about. Of course, tomorrow at this time I will be surrounded by boxes instead but I'll take what I can get. I'm hoping that this company will offer to unpack and take care of the packing materials for us like the last one did. I've decided that I like that idea especially since it'll save us a trip to find some large dumpster area for hundreds of broken down boxes.

Tomorrow before our stuff arrives I will have to move my laptop setup to the bedroom so it's out of the way. Besides that this house is as ready for our goods as it's going to get. Yay! Then I'll have my desktop computer again! I may have to try and get out with M tomorrow just so I don't go stir crazy here, assuming I don't get wrapped up in organizing and putting away all of our stuff.

Alright, time for me to lay down and watch some YouTube until I fall asleep. Here's hoping none of our things are severely damaged when they arrive!

Have you ever tried L3 Waxy Wonders?


  1. How exciting to finally get your stuff and really start to make it your home. I hope your computer survives that long trip! I get worried if just have to move my computer from one desk to another! LOL

    I have not ordered from L3, and don't remember if any of my waxy bloggy friends have shared any with me or not. And I can never ever remember what the heck 'L3' stands for.


    1. The box the movers packed up my computer stuff in was one of those 'HEY BE CAREFUL WITH THIS UNLESS YOU WANT TO LOSE YOUR JOB' type boxes, so I'm thinking it'll be fine. It'll be better than Michael's desktop, which he flew with and the entire case ended up warped. Whatever companies he flew with were not friendly with his bags.

      I've never known what L3 stands for, either. I came across her because she was a frequent poster in a wax group I used to be in and she's been on my radar ever since. With the very good pricing of the mystery lots I decided it was time to dive in headfirst and see if I like her wax.
      What a backfire this would be if I end up not liking the wax performance!

  2. Glad you had a productive day. Wax makes SUCH a mess when taking pics. Ugh. But Photoshop helps. Until it comes time to actually get it off the floor.

    I have tried L3 but was not a fan. But I think I am in the minority. I think she has three kids with "L" as their first initial.

    1. Now that you mention the kids thing I suddenly remembered all of her kids' names and that actually makes sense now.
      The thing I appreciated about L3's wax is it is harder than other waxes, like SMT. Cleanup here was a lot easier than SMT's - all I had to do was sweep up the mess as opposed to the mopping and sponge wiping I had to do with SMT.