Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Stop & Chat: January 6

 Today was eventful but not in the way I thought it would be when I got out of bed. Go figure.

I rolled out of bed a little after six in the morning. Talk about sleeping in! :) I spent some time catching up on reading and general internet activity, not including blog commenting which I have been needing to do for a few days. Really I was just waiting for the sun to come up before I got working on some more unpacking. I was afraid of making too much noise moving furniture around.

M got home a little after nine and told me he wanted to go to Yongsan, so I took a quick shower while he grabbed a quick nap.

The first place we went to was the electronics market. M finally convinced me to allow us to buy some parts for my desktop. We had a fun exchange with a father and son team that spoke very little English. Eventually the son pulled out his phone and we attempted to use Google Translate to convey what we were trying to say (M was trying to ask if he could see the product before buying it). Eventually we got our message across and spent some time chitchatting as best as we could while the son got the product, an AMD processor. There was lots of laughter as we tried to convey our thoughts and understand the other. The father got really excited at my coffee cup and insisted on showing me that he was making himself a cup of instant coffee. Overall just a very fun experience for all of us.

After that M and I continued to explore the electronics market, picking up a 3TB internal hard drive for me to add onto my computer, as well as an SSD so I could finally switch my OS and certain games over for better speed. We need to pick up a copy of Windows for the new drive, but that should be relatively cheap if I just go online. We have Windows 7 CDs, I would just need a new key.

We checked out some RAM options for me, but M said that I should probably worry about a new motherboard first. I didn't feel it necessary just yet, so we continued to the video games section.

One of the awesome things about being an obvious tourist/American in a Korean market is vendors know immediately to show you any English/non region locked items they have to sell. It made sorting through their items a lot less tedious.

We picked up a couple downloadable  multiplayer DS games and Sonic Advance 2 for my Gameboy Advance. M eyeballed a Pikachu version of a 3DS but it was region locked and the price a little higher than he wanted.

After that eventful trip we went back on post and got M a new uniform set and some plants. And yes, the two plants pictured above are exactly as tiny as they look. Guess which one of us really, really wanted them. Sigh.

We also got a snake plant since our purpose of going to the flower/plant shop was to pick up at least one plant that was good for air filtration. As time goes on I'll add more plants to our house, but I figured one big one and two tiny ones for my own man-child should be a good starting point.

Once that was over with we went straight home. M took some time to install the extra hard drive and processor and we started formatting all 3 Terabytes of... well, nothing, but it needed to be formatted in order to use it.

M was exhausted at this point and I laid down with since I felt tired enough to turn in for the night. It wasn't even six!

Unfortunately it was not meant to be for me. Every time I fell asleep either M would snore or his phone would go off. His freaking phone. That thing would not stop going off. Eventually I tried to wake him and get him to check it in case it was something important. He would not wake up. I finally checked it for him and there was a request for contact by one of his superiors. I had to very forcibly get him to wake up and acknowledge the darn thing. By that point I was already awake enough to know that there was no way I would fall back asleep and I took the laptop and several smelly things to the guest room to set up and try to shut down for the night again (ie work on blog posts). Guess what! None of the outlets in this room work. Bah.

I'd say my mood right now is rather cloudy, but I'm glad I took the opportunity to leave the house for the first time in a few days. Unpacking will just have to wait a bit since M has one more day off tomorrow before 10 straight days of work. While he's working I can work on getting this house put together again :)

Is your significant other a heavy sleeper?


  1. Love your new look around here! Very nice.

    Nope. Adam and I are super light sleepers. I think it may come with kids. Straining to make sure they are ok through the night. We could hear a mouse peeing on cotton. Thankfully neither of us snore too much, just every now and then. Savanna was so stoked to get her DS3 CL with Pokemon on the case. I got it on Amazon for a decent price. I mean.... Santa did.

    Hope your day is better!

    1. I was thinking a new design was in order due to the new year and new location :)

      I think I'm a light enough sleeper for the both of us. Once kids are in the equation I doubt I will ever sleep lol.

      Santa really picked up an awesome present for Savanna :) I'm keeping an eye out for a case for mine because I'm a hazard to myself and all electronics around me LOL.

      The beginning of my day has been spent reassuring my Mom that North Korea's testing has not threatened my life in any way. She's really gotten herself worked up about this. I'm hoping the rest of my day is a little less stress inducing.

    2. I was going to ask about the North Korea thing too! I was wondering what it's like over there, if you get English news, if it's as serious as they're making it sound here, etc... lol - People care about you guys. Let us worry about you! =P


  2. Love your plants. The snake plant makes laugh, and makes me kick myself. When hubby and I moved in together we each inherited a snake plant from home. Both were probably millions of years old because we remembered our moms having them all through our childhoods. Those things just can't be killed! Well somehow, we managed to neglect them enough that they got skimpy and sickly looking and we eventually dumped them when we were moving. KICKING MYSELF NOW!!!! I really really want to get some plants back into the house. We just have to figure out what and how, with cats who like to chomp on them.


    1. I'm hoping that we can manage to keep this plant alive. The whole reason we picked it up was the low maintenance part. I don't know how effective these plants really are at cleaning up air pollution, but I figure at the very least they'll add some life to the house.

      I haven't been keeping up on the news as much as I should and didn't know what North Korea had done until Mom started messaging me. I'd seen some posts on Facebook alluding to it but I didn't connect the two until she contacted me. I guess I'll have to make more of an effort to read the news now, eh?