Saturday, January 9, 2016

Stop & Chat: January 7-9

Motherboard drink coasters. M and I love these!
I don't have much to report from the past three days, and nothing of note will happen for the rest of today so I'm roping it in with this post as well. I'm also not quite sure how posting will go for the next week or so since it will be a lot of the same stuff.

Rotating between sleeping, eating, unpacking, and an occasional break to test out my new computer parts. Add in a few hours every day that I dedicate to laying with M and rubbing his back so his can fall and stay asleep after he gets off shift and I've got a busy but boring schedule.

I have the kitchen and guest room complete. I need to figure out the furniture setup of the living room before I can unpack all of our books, the TV, and our consoles and all associated merchandise. The room I've taken over for my office and remaining crafty/waxy items needs to be fleshed out a little more. Right now I have a bookshelf with things haphazardly piled up on it. I don't know if I'm going to bother trying to set up my soap making table in here. We're having trouble finding a local supplier of 100% lye and any suppliers overseas cannot ship it here. Almost everything else related to making soap they can ship. Lye? Nope.

Today there has been no unpacking except for a little rearranging of stuff in the living room. I will most likely do a huge chunk of my unpacking after M has left for work, much like the past two days.

As for the computer, it is working wonderfully. I'm able to run games more smoothly and the computer doesn't stutter when I'm being me and running several applications at once. It's great to be able to feel the difference when I'm on and playing.

Well, that's it for today! I don't know when I will next post again. It's not that I don't have the time; I just don't know what to write about besides "Checking in. Unpacked more today. Okay see you tomorrow, same time."

Maybe if you guys have any questions pertaining to this move or being in Korea I can take some time to answer each question in depth for its own post? Or if you have any questions for me about anything? Otherwise this blog might be a little sparse for the next week after I get up my other Lush and L3 Waxy Wonders haul. I don't want to bore everyone with unpacking chitchat. That's just not fun!


  1. Have you been having fun arranging things they way you want? I have tons of questions! Are there any customs you have to follow when shopping, traveling, interacting? Is chopstick etiquette big there? How are prices on everyday things like cleaning supplies, fresh produce, meats, gas, so on? What foods have become your favorite? Ok... I will stop now but I could seriously go on and on lol!

  2. I added some questions in the next post because I replied there before coming here. =)

    I've suddenly hit a blogging rut myself. I skipped last night because when I sat down to do it I was just like "Bah, nothing happened today." Hopefully it passes. Blogging IS my hobby in 2016, you know! lol


    1. I love blogging and I don't mind sitting down at the end of every day and talking about it, but I worry that right now I don't have much to talk about. I'm wary of letting my thoughts drive the post because that's where some of the negative content comes from. I'm very analytical and my way of understanding some of the negativity in my life is by thinking about it. I think it comes across as me being a negative person, and I really don't want that to be my image. I'm much happier than my posts lead others to believe!
      I'm beginning to understand your fear of your life being nitpicked apart lol.

      It's okay to take a little break from your hobby, you know! :) Just so long as it's not a permanent one.

    2. Yeah, I'm slipping back into that 'What's the point?' funk that plagued me so much of last year. It was so fun and then all of the sudden -WHAM!- and I question why I do it. Not sure if I'll get one up tonight either.