Sunday, February 14, 2016

Jaimie Lauren Cupcakery and Confections in Wax - Legally Blonde

Scent Description: Iced champagne mixed with sweet raspberry and cranberry.
I don't get anything very fizzy here, but everything else from a typical Blond Moment blend is there.

Date Received: Some time June 2013. What? No, I don't hoard my stash.

Weight Melted: 1.7 oz

Location of Warmer: Living Room

Cold Sniff: 4/5 I quite enjoy blond moment blends without their fizzy component. How convenient that this tart lacks that fizz!

Warm Sniff: 4/5 No surprises once melted.

Scent Strength: 1.5/3

Scent Throw: 2/3 Filled most of the living room.

Melting Power: 5/5 I got about 10 hours of scent from this tart before the scent died off.

Repurchase: Yes! If Jen's blend this time around is the same blond moment sans fizzy notes, I will definitely want some more! It's so nice to finally say I can reorder from JLCCW if I want to. 

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