Wednesday, February 10, 2016

L3 Waxy Wonders - The Naughty List Scoopable

Scent Description: Black Pepper, bergamot, & pink sugar.
A unisex scent. Bergamot sprinkled with black pepper with a mix of pink sugar to temper the blend's harsh edges to a nice and homey scent. Love!

Date Received: 1-4-16

Weight Melted: 0.7 oz

Location of Warmer: LivingRoom

Cold Sniff: 5/5

Warm Sniff: 5/5 I feel like Julie would be a huuuuuge fan of this scent! It's so musky with just a hint of sweet homey-ness. Pink sugar doesn't actually smell like PS in this blend, just something soft tying together this blend.

Scent Strength: 3/3

Scent Throw: 5/3 This filled the entire house. I'm glad I wasn't melting anything else at the time, otherwise that scent would've been drowned out!

Melting Power: 5/5 I got a good sixteen hours of scent from the small bit of wax I used. This baby packed a punch!

Repurchase: Yes! Though I do not see myself going through this fast enough to warrant another purchase any time soon. A little goes a long way!


  1. I WOOOULLLLDDDD!!!! Fanning over here!!! Must smell!!! Yes please! Dying! Dead!

    1. I'll save the chunk I have in this scent to send to you <3 It's seriously amazing! I keep craving it while melting other things.