Sunday, February 28, 2016

Lavender Cotton Candy Handcrafted Soap - Round Two!

I like how this soap turned out looking. A very gentle swirl of colors. This was one of the soaps I brought with me to Korea, so I can comment on how it performs after a full curing time! This particular bar doesn't look the best because someone (*coughmomcough*) dropped it on the floor. Thanks a lot. :)

Base Oils: Olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, castor oil
Superfatting: Sunflower oil, almond oil, 50% goats milk substitution
Additives: Tussah silk fibers
Fragrance: 25/75 Lavender/Cotton Candy

I just took a break while writing this to wash my hands with a bar of this soap. EEEEEE! I can't express how happy I am overall at how this performed! First, the making process.

This was a soap I remade at M's request. I decided to swirl together purple, red/pink, and uncolored soap. This soap was slow to trace and had a very pleasant off-white creamy color, if that makes sense. This soap does look slightly transparent because I successfully got it to fully gel in the oven. Yaay! One thing I was concerned about when unmolding was that goats milk note that I've noticed in my goats milk soaps.

Now that this soap has more than fully cured I can say that goats milk note completely disappeared. The soap is a bit soft - it'll retain it's shape, but if you squeeze really hard with your hands you can definitely deform your bar. It lathers quite nicely - a combination of thick bubbles and foamy, small bubbles. The lather itself feels very soothing but gentle. This soap overall is very gentle, probably due to the high percentage of olive oil I used - 40%. My skin feels very soft now that's it's fully dried and the scent is very light. It's most prevalent while washing my hands, which is exactly what I want. I don't like my soaps to have a strong, lasting scent. Excuse me while I just sit here, giddily rubbing my hands together and giggling at how much I love how this soap turned out.

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