Sunday, February 21, 2016

Pumpkin Soufflé & Hazelnut Coffee Handcrafted Soap

Ehh, another titanium dioxide dragger. What can ya do?

Base Oils: Coconut oil, palm oil, olive oil, canola oil
Superfatting: Sunflower oil
Additives: Sodium lactate, tussah silk fibers
Fragrance: 25/25/50 Pumpkin Soufflé/Green Tea/Hazelnut Coffee

This was a mix of orange, red, and noncolored soap. I did pour this a little too thin, much like my Cherry Blossom & Pink Sugar soap, but in the end I think it added to the overall aesthetics of the soap. I did do a silvery mica drip & swirl on the top of the soap after pouring just to try it out, and I kind of liked the shock of silver on this predominantly caramel colored soap.

The end product, according to my family, smells just like caramel candy. It lathers quite nicely and leaves the skin feeling soft. The shimmery mica in the top does not transfer to the skin, at least not that any of us noticed, so no sparkly vampires from this soap, sorry.

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