Saturday, February 13, 2016

Stop & Chat: February 12 & 13

When I mentioned that I wanted to work on one room a day, I forgot that M got these past two days off. We've not really spent any one on one time together, so this weekend was (for the most part) just 'us' time.

Yesterday we got our rent paid, checked mail, and finally sent off that box I've been needing to send to my family. While we were with our realtors, L and K invited me to go bowling with them on Wednesday. I said yes, but I'm incredibly nervous. Excited, but nervous. Social outings aren't a strong point for me unless I'm out with at least one of my close friends. I can't always tie my social life to M and I was thinking the other day that I needed some female friends in my life that I can physically interact with. I have plenty of online girlfriends, but on the physical front I was lacking. Opportunity knocked, so I answered.

We got home from that little outing and M made some food. We had some chicken and something that we picked up from the Hypermarket that was absolutely delicious. We just don't know what it was as all of the packaging was in Korean and Google Translate was making jibberish of what it saw. It was some sort of rice/noodle/veggie concoction encased in a thin rubbery membrane. So maybe a form of egg roll?

After the food, M crashed on the couch and I played some Sims. After it got dark, M got ready to go to the bar with a friend, other M. He is switching to a shift that's opposite of M's, making it hard after this weekend for them to hang out. I stayed behind because I figured it would be nice for M to have an opportunity for a guy's night out.

While he was gone I played more Sims. I considered doing the cleaning that I had originally planned to do but ended up getting sidetracked by this new family's predicament. I started a new family because I realized my screenshot program wasn't running for 1/2 of my first family's play through and I felt cheated of my time played. You know that saying, pics or it didn't happen? Yeah. M made fun of me with that line when I said I had to start all over. Anyways, this new family was started in a completely new neighborhood with a different Sim pool to interact with. The guy my Sim fell in love with this time also turned out to be married. I didn't want to go through that trouble again, so I rerouted her to another guy that so far has gone well.

I got distracted from my games when M informed me that other M would probably not make it back on post before curfew (the front gate shuts down so he wouldn't be able to get in) and would need to stay over. That kicked my butt in gear with some more cleaning/tidying. I got the hallway cleaned up because M informed me that him and other M were fairly inebriated and I was worried about them tripping over all of M's gear that he likes to leave hanging around the entryway and hallway. I cleaned the dishes we dirtied with our cooking, and made the guest bed and room look... I don't know, put together? It was just tidying up the bed and making sure we didn't have a bunch of stuff laying around.

They got home later than expected (they had trouble hailing a cab and the one they got wasn't familiar with the area we live in) and weren't as bad as I thought they'd be. Don't get me wrong, they were pretty drunk, but they were coherent and still very much aware of themselves. They brought food and we all sat down for a midnight meal and movie. I went to bed around 4am. M came to bed some time after that. Other M ended up sleeping on the couch (after all that effort I put into making the guest room comfortable!) and left around 7:30. The sound of the door woke me up. I had a headache so I decided to sleep it off. You'd think I was the one that'd had some drinks with how my body felt.
12 rolls around and M asks me if I'm going to be a zombie for the rest of the day from his computer. Oops. So I got up and we decided to walk on post to pick up some food and cleaning stuff (dish soap, squeegee for the bathrooms, and sponges). The weather was nice! Well, I say nice, but it's been raining off and on since Thursday night. It smelled nice and salty. I felt like we were in late Spring and it was time to head to the beach.

We got home, ate, watched some YouTube, and just spent the rest of the day being lazy. Not exactly productive with our time but everyone needs a lazy day or two.

Over the course of the past few days I've taken advantage of some opportunities to try out some new to me vendors, including Olde Primitive Treasures, Sassy Girl Aroma, and Solstice Scents. It'll be several weeks before any of this stuff gets to me but it's something to look forward to. Yay!

I think that wraps up this little catch up session. I may or may not go for a run. I hopped on the computer tonight with the intentions of playing some more Sims but I'm feeling kind of antsy and I feel like the only thing that'll help would be a good ol' run.

Have you made any first time purchases with vendors lately? What are you waiting on in the mail?


  1. You have some great orders coming! No new vendors at the moment but January was a big new vendor month for me. I do have a few on my radar though. I am so excited to see your orders!

    1. I currently have 5 active USPS tracking numbers on my phone and I'm waiting on either another two or three, which could take up to 8 weeks to come out. EEP. I'm going to have such an awesome set of mail days in the coming weeks!

      I've loved reading about the new vendors on your blog! They inspired me to try new to me vendors <3