Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Stop & Chat: February 16

I woke up at 7:30 while M was getting ready for work. I successfully went to bed early last night (around 1AM, which is about 3 hours earlier than I've been getting to bed). I was so happy when I woke up and didn't feel like sack of potatoes when waking up. How does a sack of potatoes feel? I don't know. I imagine not good enough to get out of bed, though. LOL

 It snowed off and on today, and the temperature kept rising and dropping as it snowed, melting each layer of snow as it stuck. By early afternoon all of the snow had melted and the sky looked like it was clearing up. I was a little disappointed, but it was nice looking at the snow while it lasted.

I spent my morning playing some World of Warcraft with my little brother. We did some PvP stuff so he could get geared up. Me getting geared up as well was just a fringe benefit of the whole ordeal :)

I'm not good at PvP. Even when I play my paladin very consistently, I have a hard time grasping what needs to be done in a PvP situation. I don't want to put forth the effort to read up on my character because PvP doesn't interest me enough. I'll indulge Will in some dueling (he wins 100% of the time now that his character is at an equal level to me. Before he won only 80% of the time) and some occasional battlegrounds but that's about it.

At about noon I got off so I could finally get the living room done. It was during this time that the weather was very back and forth, switching between big flurries to light snow, white ground and clear wet ground, cloudy and clear skies. I managed to capture several pictures of the exciting stuff - the snow!

I've missed snow so much since our family moved down south over a decade ago. I've been able to experience a few snows since then, but I miss it being an every-year event.

It took longer than I thought it would take to finish the living room up. I'm pretty sure a large part of it was me going about everything at a leisurely pace and occasionally getting sidetracked by the movies I put on the TV (The Land Before Time, Frozen, Tangled... I was in a kid movie kind of mood). In the end it all got done and I took the opportunity of cleared spaces to fold a lot of clean laundry that I've let pile up.

I used to think that dishes was my least favorite chore. Now that I'm doing dishes more frequently I find it's really not that bad. I can clean the dishes a lot better than our last dishwasher and I'm very good about cleaning pots and pans before any food gets caked on.

Washing clothes isn't so bad. I like feeling like a scientist, measuring out all of my fabric softener, scent pellets (which are a must in Korea, as the air seems to reek of kimchi and sewage and permeates clothes quite easily) and detergent. I don't even mind switching my laundry to the dryer. It's the folding that kills me. Why bother to fold these clothes when I'm going to wear them in a few days anyway? Just stick them in a 'clean' pile, keep the 'dirty' pile separate, and I'll go through the clean pile and take clothes as I need to!

At least, that's my logic. As a result I fold clothes a lot less often than I should. Sorry, Mom. I have brought shame on my family. :P

By the time I finished with the laundry it was about four in the afternoon and I needed to eat. So I did, then sat down on the couch with some YouTube and ended up falling asleep. Now that I'm awake for the evening I'm probably going to play some more video games as a reward to myself for doing something I should have done anyway. I say it's a reward but I play video games all the time whether I deserve a reward or not. LOL Before I start up any video games, though, I want to work on some posts since I've fallen a little behind. But that's all that's worthy of blogging about today! I hope your day has gone well in your neck of the woods!


  1. Love the creepy graveyard in winter photos. I would love to see snow on the regular too. It seems like it would be peaceful.

    Ummmmm good thing you have some Solstice Scents coming your way to keep the kimchi sewage at bay! Lol!!! That reminds me of the paper mills in Panama City that smelled of week old sausage filled diapers. Nasty. Perfumes to the rescue!

    1. It was oddly peaceful watching the snow over the graves. My dad, sister, and grandma are pretty superstitious about graveyards. They did not like the pictures LOL

      YES! I can't wait for my Solstice Scents to get here and help keep that stink at bay!
      Sausage. Filled. Diapers. Oh, my. LOL.