Monday, February 29, 2016

Stop & Chat: February 28 & 29

Yesterday was a lovely day for M and I. We went on a bike ride!! We rode from our house to the park that T and I rode in last Wednesday. Overall our trip was 17.25 miles and took 1 hour & 45 minutes. The first and last 2 miles were rather slow because it was a lot of stopping at lights and trying to cross roads. M didn't get to go as fast as he wanted, but he's still happy that we went out.

Once we reached our turnaround point, we stopped, drank our water, and I took some pictures before we started heading back. 

The weather was okay. It was a little warmer and less windy than when T and I were out, but the skies were cloudy and there was a heavy layer of fog. Still great weather for biking, just not as sunny as last time I was out here! My favorite part of riding along the river was the occasional whiff of salty sea air. There's something about it that makes me so happy.

We got home, then took the car on post so we could grab some groceries and food. For lunch we had sushi. Yum! As we were eating I got hit with exhaustion from my morning and crashed. So did M.

I woke up a few hours later to a text from T, telling me we might have to cancel Monday morning's bike ride with the weather. I remember thinking "what weather is she talking about??" before heading to a window.

Oh, right. This weather. M and I got really excited about the snow and got bundled up so we could look out and I could take pictures from each of the porches. 

I'm sorry for those of you who are sick of snow - I still love it!

We were asleep for no more than an hour and a half. The temperature was still in the 40s when we got home! This was a rather sudden change.

Okay, I'll keep talking about the day while you get to enjoy these lovely pictures.

M hopped on his computer to play some video games and I played some World of Warcraft with my brother. I turned in pretty early, around 9, because I was feeling really tired and I couldn't shake my headache that had poked its head out after my nap. 

This morning I woke up around 6 AM, when M left for PT. T and I established that the roads weren't any better and it was a good idea for us to simply cancel today's work out. I'm glad I went out yesterday! After I'm done with this post I may set up my bike on the trainer and ride for a bit while playing some video games. I haven't fully decided yet. I may just ride and watch a movie.

I think N has either realized that she comes off really strong or somebody talked to her about her clingyness, because her messaging me has lessened immensely. I think another part of it is I've distanced myself in our communication. I got really tired of her trying to make plans with me, succeeding, then backing out less than 12 hours later. Today was supposed to be a lunch hangout, where I told M I would make one final assessment on N and whether I would continue to give her the benefit of the doubt or finally go with what T and some of the others have told me about her. N pulled out of our plans on Friday, saying she made plans to hang out with someone else instead. Uh... ??? I can understand making plans if I had been vague about whether I wanted to hang out, but we had an actual time and place set up. Then each day afterwards she has tried remaking those plans for Monday again and I've not had any of it. I straight out told her I was unavailable because I made plans once she backed out on me. The next day she would ask the same damn question on whether I wanted to hang out today. Now she's trying for Friday and I've told her no, I'm busy - if she wants to hang out she has to attend some of the classes on post that I'm attending. At that point she stopped all communication with me, which I'm happy about, to be honest. I know I haven't handled this whole situation in the best manner, but this is the first time I've ever had to deal with someone like her. I've never had to back out of any camaraderie I've built up because I've never been this wrong about someone when I first met them. Lesson learned - if someone seems off, don't immediately chalk it up as something they have no control over and resolve to just 'be more understanding.' Sorry if this isn't what you're interested in. I feel like this is a learning opportunity and a part of my growing process, so I want to include it to be able to come back to and read.

Okay, enough complaining, back to happy stuff!

I have at least one thing planned per day for the rest of the week, excluding the weekend. Most days I have two. Somebody please stop me. LOL M is happy for me but doesn't want to sacrifice a lot of our time together on his days off, which I completely understand. I'm going to have to find that balance between pushing myself and maintaining my relationship with my husband. I can't help but think that this personal growth can only help things at home, ya know? More energy, more confidence, more willingness to go out... maybe more stressed too LOL. M calls me a zombie when I come home some days, as if I've gone to "Low Powered Liz" mode just to get through the day. While I felt like that the first couple times I went out, I'm already feeling a lot more ready to go out  and see the world or try new things. I already want to take M to Dongdaemun but he's got a very busy couple weeks ahead of him. Those plans may have to wait.

Okay, enough rambling for one day. Tell me about yours! 


  1. Love the snowy pics! We've been in the upper 40s and a bit over 50 for several days, and now we're supposed to slip back down to the 20s and have snow coming tonight. Ugh.

    It's nice that you have things to do and people to do it with. I'm rather hermit-like myself. I just don't HAVE people to do things with. Most of my friends are online, and of the two friends I have in real life, one works opposite days I do, and the other moved and now lives about an hour away.


    1. The snow finally melted today and we're supposed to be in the upper 40s and 50s for the next several days. Perfect biking weather, woo!

      I KNOW that if there hadn't been so many resources for us spouses on post I would never have bothered to come out of my shell. Unfortunately it's not always this friendly or helpful at other posts, so I'm going to enjoy it while I can. It's also a drag on the mind to know that these friendships I'm cultivating aren't necessarily long term friendships. Who knows when or if we will see each other again once one of us PCSs?

  2. Those snow photos are beautiful. But definitely not biking weather. Sorry that chick seems like such a knucklehead. But better to be out of your hair than constantly getting rejected. I can't handle that type of behavior.

    1. The snow has finally melted so we can go biking again! I'm excited, except my bike may or may not be broken currently... *sigh*
      I HAD gotten the situation with N sorted out, until Michael mentioned something to N's husband, and now N's husband seems to be under the impression that I'm wanting N to ask me to hang out more often...? Today hasn't been a good day for me. LOL.