Sunday, February 7, 2016

Vanilla Handcrafted Soap

Also known as Vanilla from Essential Depot Makes Me Sad. This is one of the soaps that I had seize on me and didn't end up looking very pretty. I mean, maybe it does? I can say I was going for a more rustic, sloppy look. Think anyone will buy that story? Dad says he likes it and the soap was for him, so that's all that matters.

Base Oils: Coconut oil, palm oil, olive oil, canola oil
Superfatting: Sunflower oil, 50% goats milk substitution
Additives: Sodium lactate, tussah silk fibers.

This was supposed to be black, white, and red. I've learned now that red palm oil bought off the shelf from my local grocery store is not the way to go if I don't want my soap to be tinted a reddish orange color. It makes sense, really, but I was hoping to at least lighten the soap up enough to get a lighter brown color. This will continue to darken over time due to the vanilla, so I can only hope that the red and what ended up being orange-brown don't look too similar once Dad gets around to using it.

This was a soap that accelerated but didn't quite seize on me. So I was able to mix my colors in and get each color into my soap mold, but I didn't get very good swirls or color variation across the soap. Some of the bars I cut were entirely black. Others had a weird red blob in the middle. Eh, you live and you learn. It's all soap and should perform its duty properly once applied to skin and lathered. 

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