Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Haul: Sassy Girl Aroma

Haul time! This time we have a new to me vendor by the name of Sassy Girl Aroma. I submitted my order on February 12th and it was shipped on February 15th. It arrived to me in perfect condition, which is saying something given the state of 90% of my other packages. I think this was partly due to packaging. Everything was very nicely wrapped in bubble wrap and tissue paper, and there were packing peanuts in every spare bit of space in the box.
Anyways, on to what I got!

Let's start with the small things, as well as my sample! I'm really bad about throwing my samples in the middle of all my pictures. I know people usually say what their sample is at the end of the haul. Remind me to sort my stuff better :)

Cucumber Melon: Crisp cucumbers and a hearty freshly picked melon fragrance.
This smells true to its description. I picked this up because I'm a fan of how this fragrance turned out in my soaps. I paid $2.50 for this cup, which has 2.2 oz of wax.

Sample - Candy Apple Sleigh Ride: No description available.
Think spicy red chiclet gum with a hint of apples somewhere in the background. Definitely a holiday scent!

Strawberries & Cream:  Strong notes of fresh sun-ripened strawberries mixed with a sweet vanilla cream. Fruity and delicious.
Definitely fruity and sweet. I'm like this, but I will need to be in a very sweet kind of mood to be able to stand it. I paid $4.55 for this heart tart, which weighs 4.2 oz.

 April Fresh Downy Type: Clean, fresh laundry straight from the dryer.
I don't know about that description, but this is definitely a clean type scent. This one is heavier on that detergent note than I was hoping for. I had an April Fresh Downy from UTC and it was sweeter than this. I'm hoping once warmed this becomes more like that scent. I paid $5.75 for these bundts, totaling 5.0 oz. of wax.

Candy Fluff Type: A blend of bubblegum , sugary cotton candy, sweet apples and pears blended to perfection.
You guys all know how I feel about Snow Fairy/Candy Fluff/whatever variant I can find. This smells like a dead on dupe of my Candy Mountain bubble bars, complete with that weird, powdery-choking note to it that I struggle with. I paid $5.75 for these bundts which weighed out to 4.9 oz.

Blackberry Watermelon Cotton Candy: No scent description available. I think this one's a fairly easy one to figure out, though. :)
Mmmm, delicious sweet goodness! I guess I've really been on a sweets kick lately! Think 50/50 watermelon and blackberry absolutely coated with cotton candy.  I paid $9.95 for this chunk bag, which contained 9.7 oz of wax. 

Blackberry Jam Lemon Cookies: No scent description available. 
This is really strong on the lemon. I'm hoping that the lemon tones down and I can get some of the other goodness that's in these chunks. I paid $9.95 for this chunk bag and got 9.6 oz of wax.

Mango Papaya Strawberry Cotton Candy Frosting: No scent description available.
I wasn't so sure about this one when picking it up. In fact, I don't know what made me pick it up. When I think of mangos and papayas I don't think of any sort of scent I would enjoy. Lucky for me, it turns out these two are fantastic scents! I think of a sweet but tart fruit & berry medley with just a hint of cotton candy frosting. On the exhale I catch a very heavy watermelon jolly rancher note. Dead on smell for the watermelon jolly ranchers. I paid $9.95 for this bag and got 9.4 oz. of wax.

Thus concludes my order! I decided that from now on I will try my best to include pricing. I get annoyed when I can't find a vendor's pricing when their site is closed for a restock or whatever reason, and it appears that people don't really put pricing in their haul videos/posts... so I shall start doing that!

I know most of you guys aren't as into sweet type scents as I am, but tell me if there's anything here you think you would like!


  1. Great order!! Your blackberry watermelon and mango blend sounds delicious! Glad it arrived quick and in good condition. It has a ways to travel. Lol! I try to put pricing and weights on my posts too unless it is something that gets posted often, then I feel redundant. But the more info the better!

    1. My first couple boxes from my parents arrived half broken, with a notification from the postmaster that essentially said "this was damaged in transit - in case you didn't notice. Sorry we're not sorry." Fortunately my most recent packages have been handled much more carefully.

      I already felt redundant with my 3 chunk bags. At least there will be a plethora of information about SGA's chunk bags being $9.95 now! :P