Thursday, March 17, 2016

Haul: Vintage Chic Scents

I think it's well known to everyone that knows me that I have a hard time doing anything half way. I've jumped into working out at ~5 times a week, when I work out there's no such thing as going easy, when I work on a project I can't possibly put anything but my best forward... and when I try a new to me vendor, I go all in and try all the things. I've gotten much, much better in recent months, but there are still times when I accidentally go in a little too far and end up with a large flat rate box of new to me wax.

Vintage Chic Scents is one of those vendors that I went ham and picked up everything I could get my grubby little hands on. Okay, I had a list set up, but I didn't expect to get almost everything from my list!

I placed my order on February 19th and it shipped on February 23rd. On to what I got!

I picked up 3 three-packs (two of which were on accident, but ain't nobody got time for going back and adjusting amounts when stuff is flying out of your cart), Baby Rose Trio, Jackie O Rose Trio, the Marvelous Marshmallow sampler, and a Fairy Tale sampler.

Jackie O: Marshmallow birthday cake noel. Poured 2-3-16.
As is typical with birthday cake blends, I have a hard time picking up anything besides a light vanilla cake and a very heavy waxy note. This is one I got three packs of, so here's hoping the performance will be a lot better once melted.
Each pack costs $4.05 and weighed 3.6, 3.8, and 3.2 oz. Overall I paid $12.15/10.6 oz

One Rose Trio ($9.15) in...

Baby LeRoy: Lavender vanilla and... uh... 'baby magic.' Poured 2-9-16
Is 'baby magic' baby wipes? Because that's what I smell. You know, the powdery cleanser type note in baby wipes? I do pick up on lavender vanilla, so here's hoping I get better performance once melted. 2.5 oz

Baby Love: Strawberry buttercream. Poured 2-9-16
Very sweet strawberries smothered in creamy, delicious buttercream. This might be the first successful buttercream blend I've smelled on cold sniff. Will this smell as amazing once melted? 2.7 oz

Blanche & Baby Jane:  Pink butter fudge cookies. Poured 2-9-16
I get heavy butter fudge cookies here with just a hiiiint of pink sugar. Quite yummy. 3.0 oz

One Rose Trio ($9.15) in...

Jackie O Next Door: Serendipity fruity loops lemon custard 7 up pound cake marshmallow birthday cake noel. Poured 2-9-16
Take some fruity loops and add some sweet vanilla and that's what I smell here. I don't even smell the serendipity! This is unheard of. This is a very nice vanilla blend, though. 2.7 oz

Jackie O in Cali: Mango marshmallow birthday cake noel. Poured 2-9-16
The scent description matches this perfectly. Just a hint of cake, a hint of noel, a hint of marshmallows, all liberally applied to sweet mangoes. Yummy! I think with my most recent set of hauls I've learned that I really like the smell of mangoes. 2.5 oz.

Jackie O in Atlantic City: Strawberry peach snow taffy marshmallow birthday cake noel. Poured 2-9-16
Yum is all I can say. Peaches take the forefront, closely followed by strawberries. Then this concoction is smothered in something salty mixed with marshmallow birthday cake and just a hint of noel. I assume that salty note is the snow taffy. 3 oz

On to my samplers! Each sampler had its melts individually bagged and labelled, then all put together in a larger bag labelled with which sampler it was and tied off with some plastic twine. I appreciated how easy this made figuring out what was what. 

First up is my Marvelous Marshmallow sampler! I paid $30.75 for 10 roses.

Strawberry Jackie O: Fresh strawberries birthday cake marshmallow noel. Poured 2-8-16
Smells like the 'fresh strawberries' a lot of vendors use. Not very fresh or realistic in my opinion, but I still really, really like it. On the exhale I catch a bit of cake. 2.7 oz

Jackie O: Marshmallow birthday cake noel. Poured 2-5-16 
This smells even more waxy than the 3-packs I got in this scent. I'm getting really anxious about how this will perform. 2.8 oz.

Dracula: Pecan caramel swirl, sugar cookie dough, marshmallow. Poured 2-8-16
Mmm. Light nutty caramels mixed with sweet marshmallows. I don't quite pick up any cookie dough. 3 oz

Margot's Ballerina Clouds: Coconut marshmallow cream pie. Poured 2-5-16
A mainly marshmallow cream pie scent, with a hint of coconut. The coconut might actually be light enough for me to be able to melt this scent. 3 oz

Princess of Monaco: Lemon curd marshmallow. Poured 2-8-16
Very fizzy lemon scent. I think of fruit loops while smelling this. 2.7 oz

Lucy & Ethel: Pistachio coconut marshmallow pudding cake. Poured 2-8-16
So this is the fabled pistachio blend that the wax world is currently going gaga over. I've got to say, it's just as icky as that pistachio pudding my Dad really likes. Reminds me of cherries, but not in a good way. 2.8 oz

The Spindle Curse: Snickerdoodle cinnamon donuts marshmallow birthday cake noel. Poured 2-8-16
Cinnamon toast. That's always what I smell in a snickerdoodle/cinnamon bread type blend. It's not bad, though. I like it! This one makes me think of cinnamon toast with a coating of cake icing. 2.7 oz

Going Hollywood: Strawberry coconut cream marshmallow zucchini bread. Poured 2-8-16
Oh man. I have my hopes up for this. On cold sniff this doesn't smell like a bad zucchini bread. I will melt a very small amount and see how it performs. Other than the ZB, there are sweet and creamy strawberries with just a hint of coconut. 2.8 oz

War of the Worlds: Serendipity fruity loops marshmallow. Poured 2-5-16
No serendipity again. That's so weird that I'm getting these serendipity blends and I can't smell the serendipity. Instead I get a very strong and creamy fruity loops. Very lemony, but without that cereal note I'm not quite a fan of. 2.9 oz

The Blob: Pomegranate blackberry marshmallow. Poured 2-8-16
One of my favorites out of this entire order. 50/50 pomegranate and blackberry blend with a hint of creamy marshmallows. Slightly tart, with the sweetness of the pomegranate very noticeable on the exhale. 2.9 oz

On to my Fairy Tale sampler! I paid $51.50 for 12 poinsettias.

Rose Encrusted Castle: Rose petal drenched lemon cake. Poured 2-5-16
An authentic, powdery rose with a drizzling of fizzy lemons. Quite an interesting blend. 3 oz

Snow White's Curse: Mac apple lollipops bubblegum cotton candy frosting. Poured 2-4-16
An interesting hodgepodge, but doesn't portray itself very well on cold sniff. I get a vaguely sweet mac apple scent. 3.9 oz

Eleven Fairy Gifts: Strawberry melon rock candy. Poured 2-5-16
Another favorite. Tart melons blended with strawberries and sprinkled with sweet rock candies, making for a sweet but slightly tart concoction. 3.4 oz

 Little Cinder Girl: Huckleberry taffy. 2-3-16
Sweet with an almost artificial note. Reminds me heavily of an old lipgloss I got in a children's makeup many Christmases ago. 3.7 oz

Cinderella's Gown: Honeydew cotton candy frosting + marshmallow birthday cake noel. Poured 2-4-16
Very faint fruity scent smothered in sweets. The scent is very light, so I'm having trouble picking out any individual notes. 3.7 oz

Happily Ever After: Strawberry rainbow sherbet wedding cake. Poured 2-3-16
All I pick up on cold sniff is rainbow sherbet. I like it, but I'm wondering where the rest of the scent went. 3.9 oz

Frog Princess: Pistachio lemon raspberry marshmallow. Poured 2-4-16
Ick. While I'm glad I finally got to find out what that pistachio blend is that everyone's wild about, I'll gladly never pick up another pistachio blend. The rest of this would be an amazing blend. 3.9 oz

Wendy Girl: Pink lemonade pound cake cotton candy. Poured 2-4-16
Fizzy lemon poundcake is all I can pick up here. 3.3 oz

Fairy Godmother: Orange sherbet pomegranate. Poured 2-4-16
Oh, you can really pick up on the citrus-ey orange here. There's just a hint of sherbet. I can't find the pomegranate anywhere. 3.9 oz

Little Briar Rose: Green apple pomegranate cotton candy frosting. Poured 2-3-16
Ooooh, a very faint green apple blend. Maybe I just like green apple more than I do mac apple, but this smells quite pleasant. It almost reminds me of the squash soup T, L, and I made. 3.6 oz

The Evil Queen: Mac apple lavender cotton candy. Poured 2-4-16
Okay, I feel really bad for not liking this. I don't think it's that bad. It just gives me horrible flashbacks to my first Indie bath and body products I tried from JMae's. She's the reason I waited years to try more indie bath and body products... which ironically didn't turn out that great an experience, either. There's no winning when you're me. 3.9 oz

Strawberry Enchanting Prince: Strawberry lavender blueberry smoothie. Poured 2-4-16
Another favorite from this order. Herbal lavender mixed with sweet strawberries and a hint of blueberries mixed with a sweet smoothie. 3.5 oz

On to my samples!

Tea Time Couture Event: Blueberry crumpets & earl grey tea. Poured 12-11-16
I'm in love with this scent. I think I've been on a major blueberry kick lately, because I've snatched up any and all blueberry blends I can get my greedy little fingers on. This does not disappoint. I'm not sure what earl grey tea is supposed to smell like, so I can't comment on whether it's in here. 0.8 oz.

Dad's Country Bunkhouse: Vetiver tonka bergamot orange. Poured 1-14-16
Oooo, that vetiver and bergamot really takes all of the attention. I quite like this musky blend. 0.9 oz

Okay, now for the price breakdown!
Total Before Shipping: $112.70
Total After Shipping:  $122.20
Total Wax Received: 100.7 oz.
Freebies Received: 1.7 oz (included in total wax received)
Price/Ounce without shipping: $1.12/ounce
Price/Ounce with shipping:  $1.21/oz

Same price range as Sniff My Tarts. Whether it's the same quality remains to be seen. One thing I can say is VCS really likes bakery blends. I like it, but after sniffing through this entire order I'm craving something besides bakery. Also... my bakery container may need a second box... 

What scents here would you be interested in? Are you going to participate in the opening on the 18th?


  1. You did get a great order in! Blanche & Baby Jane is a favorite of mine. And Deb is a huge Lucy & Ethel fan. Dad's Bunkhouse sounds amazing. Funny she is blending with vetiver now as it just caught my eye at The Bathing Garden. I would totally do vetiver blends. Love it. That Apple lavender blend sounds yummy. I will try my hardest to get in on Friday but not sure if I can manage it. Wish me luck. I need the Rose mint and Sweeney samplers.

    1. Ooooh, is Deb a fan of Lucy & Ethel? I think I know what I'm going to do with my rose, then <3
      I saw some vetiver blends at TBG, too! It's such a great scent! I love it!
      Best of luck in today's opening! If I notice it I'll be sure to message you :)