Monday, March 14, 2016

Olde Primitive Treasures - Creamy Candy

Scent Description: Strawberry, coconut, and vanilla musk.
Yes, if you're thinking of a Lush dupe you are correct!

Date Received: March 1, 2016

Weight Melted: 1.3 oz

Location of Warmer: Living room, in tealight warmer.

Cold Sniff: 4.5/5 A very authentic Lush dupe, which is exactly what I wanted.

Warm Sniff: 4.5/5 No surprises here.

Scent Strength: 2.5/3 That musky note makes this kind of hard to miss while melted.

Scent Throw: >>>3/3 This filled the entire house. Every bit of it. I feel bad for M because he was assaulted at every turn while I melted this.

Melting Power: 4/5 I got about 6 hours from this melt before switching out the wax.

Repurchase: Yes. It's quite nice to know I have some strong Lush dupes with a fair TAT at my fingertips!

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