Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Solstice Scents - Snowshoe Pass & Owl Creek Aleworks

Owl Creek Aleworks: Sticky English toffee, pudding, Blackburn's Parlor vanilla ice cream, caramel, toasted coconut & hazelnut, sugared pumpkin cream stout.

Owl Creek starts off as a very heavy toffee & caramel scent that sweetens and strengthens as it sits on the skin. My nose picks up a suggestion of apples every time it catches a whiff, and I'm taken to a fall festival that hints of pumpkins. Sometimes there's a hint of spice that I can't quite place. At the end of its life this boasts of sweet ice cream and heavy coconut. A rather dynamic fragrance!

Snowshoe Pass: White amber, white musk, vanilla accord, peppermint cream, cold winds.

This lovely concoction opens up with heavy vanilla and soft, creamy peppermint notes. Hiding in the background is the cold bite of winter and a sweet and musky amber note. As it settles in the slightly floral musk makes its way to the front, combining with the rest of the notes to create a very authentic white chocolate scent sprinkled with hints of peppermint. A simple but gorgeous blend. Sometimes I forget that you don't always need a long list of scent notes in a fragrance to find something beautiful.

Solstice Scents recently announced they are discontinuing their rewards program in May of this year. Does that affect any orders you might want to make? I know it is making me reconsider when I want to place my next order. Hurry and reach that gift card threshold in the next 2 months, or forget about Solstice Scents until I run out of a scent that I really want more of?


  1. The Owl one sounds great but now I am going to pass on Snowshoe. White chocolate kills it. I am de stashing a HoG Winter Divinity because I am not a fan of the mint and white chocolate.

    I never did the points thing. I don't for Valhalla either though I probably should. I enjoy SS enough to order anytime the urge strikes and I have the funds to do it. <3

    1. Snowshoe surprised me with the white chocolate. I don't mind it, but I have to be in a particular mood to want to smell like chocolate. Mint and chocolate... hmm. While I like it in food form, I'm not sure I want to smell like that.

      I like it when companies have some sort of rewards program if I know I'm going to consistently buy, but it's not a deal breaker. Sometimes I don't even bother because I can be incredibly lazy about signing up for an account or don't think the reward system is worth it.