Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Stop & Chat: March 5-8

Can you see the yellow dust storm off in the distance?
Uhh... my Saturday and Sunday were not productive in the least. I spent both days playing video games and watching movies and occasionally eating or sleeping. It was wonderful! I did want to clean, though, so I'm disappointed that I didn't really do that.

I did try to wash dishes like the responsible adult I am, but the inner tubing on my sink head burst! It was a mess. So I cancelled those plans and we got in touch with our realtors.

Monday was another bike ride with T. This time we tried to ride from post to the same park that we rode at last time. The first and last two miles were really slow because of traffic and lights and areas that weren't good for riding in, so we walked. Once we got to the trail and park, however, it was a lot easier! Once we were at the park we rode for about an hour and a half. Including travel time we were riding/walking for two and half hours and went about 22 miles. Our actual work out was somewhere between 16 and 18, depending on whose app you looked at (mine says more, so I'm going with mine :P). We met up at about 9:15 and did not get back to post until ~12:15. Oops.

One thing that almost put a halt to our plans was the pollution index. Apparently South Korea gets lots of yellow dust/sand storms from China/Mongolia that bring extra pollutants in the air with them. If T hadn't brought some masks I probably would have wanted to stop, because the air was very yellow and I could taste something metallic and... wrong. Lesson learned: always have masks with you. If you're wanting to read more about yellow sand-dust, or HwangSa, read this article.

We went on post and checked mail, where I received my lovely surprise from Deb (thanks, Deb! <3) and my Sniff My Tarts package. T had to go to the commissary to pick up some groceries, so we went there. Then we went to the Community Activities Center and ate. T brought two tuna sandwiches and we bought some cheesesticks and barbecue wings from Pizza Hut. No regrets. <_<

Once that was done I went home and tried to take a nap. I couldn't sleep very well so I got up and made some food and worked on blog posts. I don't know why I didn't work on a Stop & Chat while I was working on blog posts. I think it's because I hadn't taken any pictures. Either that or I forgot. I don't know. LOL. That was all I did that was noteworthy for the day.

The little park that we work out at.

Yesterday I did another workout with L and T. T is trying to pick up the pace and difficulty, especially since we had a weekend of rest behind us. I learned a new exercise - inch worms. It sounds familiar and I'm pretty sure I've done a variation of it before, but nothing like what T had us to. It hurt. With all of the core work we did I would think my stomach would be sore. Instead it's my back that's killing me, which I guess makes sense since this was the first day that we did something that worked more than just my core. My back has to catch up, too! It hurts to breathe deeply, too, since my upper pectorals are sore. All around fun workout.

Afterwards we grabbed some coffee and chitchatted about our plans. I unfortunately wasn't able to come to lunch or go to the arts & crafts class because I had to sit at home and wait for someone to come and fix our sink.

I got home and showered, then sat on the couch with some food watching YouTube until I finally forced myself to get off my butt and clean. Thus began a 6-hour straight cleaning session of the entire house. During that time the owner came and fixed the sink and I was able to do some dishes. Yaaay!

I melted my first tart in the tealight warmer Deb sent me and listened to music while sweeping, doing laundry, picking up tidbits that had wandered from its spot, cleaning up packaging and boxes from all of the packages we... okay, I have received in the past few weeks, more sweeping, put up my Roosterteeth posters (the walls have been barren this whole time), and made more progress on the office. The office and bedroom are the hardest rooms for me to clean because we have used those two rooms to put stuff that he haven't figure out a home for. So every time I go to clean these rooms I'm left with stuff that I still don't have homes for. Yesterday I did make immense progress, though. A lot of what needs to be done is going into containers and clearing out/organizing its contents. Like my Melmer. It's full of crap from when I stuffed it with pens and stationery and office items when we were waiting on our packers to come back in the States. Simple stuff, but it apparently takes a while to do, if yesterday was any indication. I'm glad I did it yesterday, though. Today I'm not as easily mobile in the upper half of my body. I keep pestering M - do you see any muscles yet?? Am I trimming down and toning up yet?? What do you see?!

Anyways, that's my rather boring update for you guys. Today M is off because of his CQ shift yesterday and I don't know what he wants to do with his day. I know tonight is bowling, so besides that I have no plans. I hope everything is going well for whoever is reading this! <3


  1. Yay! Glad the package got there okay. Sorry it took me so long to get it sent out. It should be a much easier experience next time. lol


    1. Lmao don't worry about how long it took. I'm really bad about packages so I can't give anyone a hard time about how long it takes :) I'm glad it all worked out, though! No silly $70 shipping charge.