Sunday, March 13, 2016

Stop & Chat: March 9-13

I'm already annoyed as I type this up. Blogger decided to post a lot of my properly scheduled posts (I checked, their scheduled post dates were not all on the same day at the same time!) all at once so I had a huge mess to clean up before working on this post. Hurray. If you see a couple posts in the next few days that look familiar, I'm sorry. Just wipe your memory and act like you haven't read it before, okay?!

If you're wondering why my picture is a wax related picture, it's because I wish to brag. I've done it. I've made it in the wax world. A vendor has liked one of my pictures enough to ask permission to use it for their group header. If you're wondering who, that would be Sniff My Tarts! I mean, maybe it's not that impressive, but I freaked out when Donna messaged me on Facebook asking for permission to use my picture.

Okay, back to actual updates.
Wednesday I had bowling. Instead of subbing in for N, like the original plan, N figured out she didn't need a sub anymore and I instead subbed for T, who had a doctor's appointment and felt too ill to play. M was nice enough to go in and sit with me and keep me company while I played. I think I did really well! 95 followed by 59 (ehhh) followed by... I don't remember. LMAO. I'm getting the hang of bowling a bit more, so here's hoping that overall my playing gets better.

Thursday I was sick. Sick sick sick. Puking, fever, delusional, the whole nine yards. I had enough presence of mind to text T and tell her that I wouldn't be able to go to any of our plans we'd made for the day, then I either sat on the couch and sort of watched YouTube or laid in bed in my cocoon of death. Friday was my recovery day, so I still was unable to go out and partake in any of the plans T, L, and I had made.

This weekend was pretty uneventful as well. I played video games. I also cleaned a little. Really nothing of value has happened these past several days, I've just really gotten into the habit of writing about my life and all the nuances in it. So here's your first ever super short Stop & Chat. Enjoy it, because we all know how long winded I get. :)


  1. Sorry to hear you were so sick. That is a horrible feeling. I hope you are much better. Congrats on your photo making it to the group page! Your pics are really great. Soon the vendors will be sending you stuff to photograph <3

    1. The good thing is being ill didn't last too long! I'm back at 100%!
      Bah, I can't ever imagine being send stuff. That to me is something that the best of the best have happen, and I'm just not there in my mind.