Thursday, April 14, 2016

Haul: Lasting Scent Candles

Heeey, remember waaay back in February when I went on a mad wax buying spree? No? Oh. Well, this was one of those orders that I made knowing it would arrive around my birthday. Imagine my surprise when it arrived around my birthday!! LOL

I placed this order on February 13th and it shipped on March 30th. Pretty long TAT for some people, but I went into this knowing and counting on it being a while before I had this wax in my hands.

On to what I got!

I picked up a single Lavender Favorites and single Bakery Favorite sampler.
First, my Lavender Favorites sampler. I paid $27 for 12 scent shots.

Bliss: White wedding cake, vanilla cream and lavender sprinkles.
This smells like lavender vanilla to my nose, with a slight hint of something cakey. Yes, please! 1.8 oz.

Fuzzy Baby Blanket: Lavender, baby blanket, and newborn freshness.
Interesting blend. It makes me think of 12+ years ago, when my brother was an itty bitty baby and my sister and I doted on him like no other. I'll try it, but it's weird in the mental images it brings to mind. I'm currently not in the babymaking market and don't plan to be for a while, so being surrounded by babies and reminders of them is weird, to say the least. 1.8 oz

Harmony: Citrus, lavender, tropical aromas.
Right now I only pick up on the strong citrus with a slight tinge of lavender. This smells like something good to melt as a pick-me-up. 1.7 oz

Hush: Lavender.
A straight lavender scent. I would say this is a blend of floral and sweet lavender. No herbal or metallic notes. 1.8 oz

Island Relaxation: Lavender, coconut milk.
A slight coconut scent with lavender woven throughout. A beautifully mellow scent that I look forward to melting. 1.8 oz

Lavender Confections: Lavender, cookies and frosting.
I wouldn't say 'cookies' so much as bread. Crunchy bread, while I'm at it. The lavender is very sweet. I imagine these two will mix to create a beautiful blend once melted. 1.8 oz

Lavender Lullaby: Lavender, laundry.
Uh. I think my nose is broken. I pick up on a slightly herbal lavender and detergent scent. And then my nose says that there's a poopy diaper in here. It's very slight. After a few more sniffs it seems to go away, but... what? I may have to come back to this. 1.9 oz

Lavender Mallow Bread: Lavender, marshmallow, bread.
Oh, no. I pick up something slightly zucchini in that bread. It's not bad zucchini, so I hold hope for this being a good zucchini bread blend... but I'm going to melt this on a day when I have the mental fortitude to handle potential tortilla chips and sweaty dog feet in the air. 1.8 oz

Serenity: Lavvender, green mint confetti.
Spearmint gum with lavender. Quite yummy. I want to melt this now, but I've told myself that I must melt through some of my older wax before I dig into newer orders. 1.9 oz

Stardust: Lavender, rose.
Oooooh, this is absolutely lovely. Soft, powdery roses mixed with a slightly herbal lavender. 1.7 oz

Sweet Dreams: Pink sugar, lavender, marshmallows.
All I can pick up on is pink sugar with a hint of marshmallows. I'm really hoping the lavender comes out when I melt this, because it sounds like a sublime blend! 1.8 oz

Sweet Lavender Nectar: Lavender, vanilla cream, honey.
Rich honey with a creamy vanilla all poured over a healthy dose of herbal lavender. I'm in love! 1.9 oz

On to my Bakery Favorites sampler! This was $22.50 for 10 scent shots.

Amaretto Buttercream Cookie: Amaretto sugar cookie, sweet buttercream.
I've discovered that almond is not a scent I am fond of. It borders on cherry notes and I'm not a fan.  This is a creamy, slightly cookie like almond. 1.9 oz

Beignets: Deep fried Louisiana donuts, powdered sugar, cinnamon sugar.
Yummy cinnamon and sweet bread goodness. The cinnamon borders on that sweet cinnamon that's always in Christmas type cinnamon blends. 1.8 oz

Butterscotch Cookies: Sugar cookies, warm butterscotch morsels, butterscotch glaze.
Butterscotch. That's all I get here. Not an overly rich butterscotch. More soft, a smidgen more sweet, and drizzled ever so lovingly over some sweet sugar cookies. 1.8 oz

Buttery Blueberry Waffles: Waffles, blueberry, butter, blueberry syrup.
Aaaah, blueberry waffle goodness. This smells exactly like the blueberry waffles I've been having for breakfast. Now I'm craving some, and we're out. Drat. 1.9 oz

Cinnamon Sugar Donuts: Deep fried donuts, cinnamon sugar.
A more cinnamon rich version of Beignets. The donuts aren't as sweet here. 1.8 oz

Caribbean Cupcake: Island fruits, buttery cake batter.
I don't pick up on any cake batter. Just a medley of fruits with pineapple taking the forefront. A very summery blend. 1.9 oz

Coconut Cream Pie: Coconut gream, graham cracker crust, cream and toasted coconut.
I don't pick up much. This smells like a faded vanilla that some vendors have issues with. There might be a hint of coconut, but it's hard to tell. 1.8 oz

Fried Pie: Fried apple pie, powdered sugar.
Oh, my. This is a blast of cinnamon with a hint of apple all bundled up in a crust. Delicious, but definitely a fall scent! 1.9 oz

Strawberry Wedding Cake: White cake, sweet strawberry filling, strawberries.
Strawberries! Think Fresh Picked Strawberries mixed with a cake batter mixed with generic sweet goodness. 1.9 oz

Sweet Kisses: Cakes and frostings, sweet kisses. Formerly Sweet Decadence.
Vanilla with just a hint of cake. A great scent, but I have yet to find a strong thrower of vanilla cake in any wax I've tried. One can hope! 1.8 oz

On to my sample! I got some more Sweet Dreams. This one is heavier on the lavender on cold sniff than the one in the scent shot. 1.5 oz

Now my price breakdown!
Total Before Shipping: $49.50
Total After Shipping: $58.50
Total Wax Received: 41.7 oz
Freebies Received: 1.5 oz (included in total wax received)
Price/Ounce without shipping: $1.19/ounce
Price/Ounce with shipping: $1.40/ounce

So, this is the most I've ever paid for wax. The good news is I love 90% of the scents I got, like 8%, and only dislike 2% (approximations, don't go back into my notes and do some math LOL). The bad news is I have great performance for much cheaper wax. I'll have to revisit whether I'd buy from this vendor again after I've melted some wax and worked out the performance vs weight melted.
I'm still excited for this order! Which scents called out to you? Are you going to order from LSC when they open in the near-ish future?

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