Sunday, April 24, 2016

Lush Veganese Hair Conditioner & Curly Wurly Coconut Shampoo

I've had both of these products for two and a half months now. In that time I've tried different methods of applying each product, differing amounts, in combination with different products, together, separately, and all on their own, all to figure out which properties each product had and how it applied to my hair. I'm almost out of the shampoo, too, so I figure now is a good time to finally write my review.

First up is my Curly Wurly Shampoo. This 220g pot cost 33,000W, or about $27 at the rate of conversion on the day I purchased it. Today it would cost me a little more to buy this, about $29.

The texture of this is very thick and chunky. Think of oatmeal made with enough milk to get everything wet and not one drop more. The chunks are due to real coconut shavings.
Using this shampoo can take some getting used to. What I do is liberally soak my hair with water. Then I scoop out a quarter sized chunk of shampoo and lather it up in my hands as much as I can. Then I apply the shampoo to the top of my head and work it through to my scalp. If there isn't enough lather to get the ends of my hair I'll grab a little more shampoo and repeat the process. Curly Wurly does not lather as easily as other shampoos, nor are the bubbles particularly large or fluffy. Nonetheless, my hair is left feeling very thoroughly cleaned and my scalp doesn't have any irritation. I do get many coconut shavings stuck in my hair, but I comb my hair while conditioning so that removes all leftover chunks. If you don't and your hair likes to eat whatever it comes in contact with, you may have issues.

One of the chief complaints I have read online is that Curly Wurly makes your hair frizz like no other. I can say that is very true for me. Once my hair completely dries, I feel like I have two layers of hair. The first, my regular curly hair. The second, a half-inch layer of frizz that just can't be tamed. Please tell me if you thought of Miley Cyrus' song while reading that, because I sure started singing it while typing it!

I've combated this frizziness  by using a hair gel/cream after my shower, but I'm not a big fan of having to use hair gel or cream to tame my frizz. Especially when I know what product is causing it. I'm trying out a new shampoo once this one runs out, and if I like the lack-o-frizz of of that one better I'll stick to that one. This shampoo is great and works well, but frizz is something I do not tolerate from any product. My hair does that enough on its own, thank you very much!

On to my Veganese Hair Conditioner. If you read my blog consistently, you already know that I raved about this product in this month's Band of Bloggers post. I plan to go a bit more in depth here. This 500g bottle cost 41,900W, or $34 USD on the day I purchased it. Yada yada would cost more today blah. :P Sorry, I got bored of my own repetition.

This product is very thin. After spending a good 15 minutes trying to find a good description for the viscosity, I've come up with two things. One is nail polish. LOL. The other is the first thing that came to mind but is a little weird. Popeye's Chicken honey, when still warm. Have you ever had it, and if so have you noticed how thin it is? I find that it's thinner than any other honey I've tried, maybe due to its warmth. In any case, this is a very thin liquid. It's the thinnest of all conditioners I've tried. I think that thin texture contributes to how little I need per use.

I use a nickel sized blob and it's more than sufficient for my entire head. I'm notorious for going through conditioner like there's no tomorrow. I always felt like I needed more conditioner than was reasonable. My head would have more conditioner than hair by the time I was done. That hasn't been the case with this product, which I initially used stingily because this is the most I've ever spent on conditioner before. Imagine my surprise -and delight!- when I discovered that small amount was enough for my hair. It probably helps that I always comb my hair through while it has conditioner in it. I know that's not supposed to be healthy for hair. For my hair's sake, my comb/brush's sake, and my own mental well being, however, I'm going to have to say this is my hair and I do what I want with it. LOL. Besides, I don't brush my hair when it's dry because it turns into what Hermione Granger's hair should've been. While M for some reason finds it attractive, I'd rather not look like I have a rat's nest on my head.

Ahem. Back to the product. It leaves my hair shiny and silky without weighing it down. It helps my curls define themselves better, and thus tames some of the frizz that I always have issues with. It's not a cure for frizzy hair, especially when used with the wrong shampoo, but it definitely helps. More importantly than anything, however, is the fact that this conditioner does not irritate my scalp. I can fully run this conditioner from root to end without fear of it coming into contact with my scalp. I don't have to worry about whether I rinsed all of the conditioner out of my hair. If I wanted I could probably slather my entire body in this and walk around without a single irritated part of my skin. Okay, that last bit might be an exaggeration, but it conveys my point. I have a very very sensitive scalp. If the water is too hot I get an itchy scalp throughout the day. If I leave in other conditioners too long my scalp gets itchy. If the water is too cold I still get an itchy scalp. If my shower is too long I get an itchy scalp. If I take a bath I get an itchy scalp. If I don't air out my scalp enough or dry my hair fast enough my scalp gets itchy. I cannot do that towel thing where you wrap your hair with a towel and put it on top of your head after you get out of the shower; instead my hair is immediately towel dried and aired out thoroughly. There are still days where I get an itchy scalp and I cannot for the life of me figure out what caused it. I know while using this conditioner, though, that it did not contribute to my itchy scalp, and in most cases it somehow manages to sooth my scalp instead. I can relax a little on how I treat my scalp and with this conditioner I don't have to worry about an itchy scalp under conditions where it would normally be an issue. This is big for me, beyond anything else that this conditioner provides. It is that property alongside everything else that has made this my holy grail conditioner. The other things that this conditioner provides are amazing and I would repurchase off of that alone, but the wonders that this does to my head are beyond words. I will repurchase this again and again until it is either discontinued or my scalp's composition changes and is no longer soothed by this conditioner.

How many times did I say itchy scalp in that last paragraph? A lot. It doesn't sound like a real word anymore. Maybe it'll stop being a real thing for me to have to worry about as I use this product more and more.

In any case, thus concludes the long-ago promised review of these two hair products. Have you ever tried these? How about any other Lush hair product? How did they work for you?

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