Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Stop & Chat: April 1-5

Saturday was a video gaming day. M was asleep for most of the day due to his CQ shift. That night we did go to Garden Life and we found the Japanese restaurant T and I went to the very first time we went biking together. I, of course, got the same thing - spicy beef rice bowl. I have been a bit congested lately so I couldn't fully taste the food. Bummer, because I really really liked it before.

Sunday was my birthday in this region of the world. M worked and I played more video games. This time it was with my family, then with an old coworker that I'm a BattleTag friend with.

Monday M and I went into Yongsan for an appointment he had, to convert money for rent, and shop a little. Of course we went to Lush in Itaewon. Saponé was there, as usual, and we all chitchatted and caught up. I bought some stuff, so expect a haul post soon. Happy birthday to me!

We also picked up some steak and other stuff for a nice at home dinner that M made me.

Yum. I had quite a bit more steak than was on the plate for this picture, but at least it looked nice for a little bit before my inner pig showed up :P

Yesterday was exhausting. I was supposed to go out and work out, go to arts and crafts, and go to some outdoor markets with friends. Instead I spent the day inside. Early in the morning my sister informed me that Mom had been in a car accident. She was okay ("non critical" were her words), but they were on the way to the hospital. The car Mom was driving may or may not be totaled. They have to find out from insurance whether it is. In any case, I became a big ball of worry until I had news that the doctors had cleared Mom. Before that it was just Mom telling everyone that she was fine besides a possible broken nose and a hurt arm. I know too many stories about people not realizing how badly hurt they are while under the effects of adrenaline. My poor sister was my point of contact for this whole thing and I kept blowing up her phone with requests for status updates.

After that I slept for a huge chunk of my day. I can't remember if I've mentioned this before but I get pretty chronic migraines. I bring it up every time I have a Doctor's appointment just in case it's a sign of something worse, but as of yet it's just classified as chronic migraines. They don't even bother with prescription medication because I can keep it under control... for the most part. The past few days I've been refusing to take any ibuprofen just to make sure that I'm not delving into the territory of medication headaches. Yesterday's headache was one I could not shake. I was well hydrated, well fed, and well rested but it would not leave me alone. I'm inclined to believe that it was not a tension/stress headache as I could not shake it with a nap like I can with other headaches of the same nature. Instead I slept for almost 6 hours straight just to escape the pain. M grew concerned towards supper and asked me if there was anything he could do. This was pretty much our exchange, minus the cat:

All credit goes to Robot Hugs. Please visit the link so they can get an official 'view' for this particular comic strip! <3

M managed to coax me out onto the couch for some cuddles and anime. 

I stayed up late enough for Mom to wake up and tell me how she was doing. Now that we know she's in the clear, our family has moved on to our tried and true method of dealing with stress - humor. Mom didn't fall asleep at the wheel after a long day's work; she was simply testing the car's safety features (they pass, by the way LOL)! Mom sent me a picture so I could see how the bruising had progressed and my response was "Boy, you look like you were in a car accident or something!" Mom was sooo inconsiderate for getting in an accident on the night the family was supposed to catch up on The Walking Dead. How dare she cut into Dad's World of Warcraft time with me?!

As you can see, we are a very supportive family in times of crisis. I'm at a point where I find more comfort in jokes than a sincere offer of support. It doesn't take away from the value of what support is being offered; it's just not what I'm used to. To me, the joke is where that support is without having to directly say "I support you."

Okay, enough babbling for me. I mentally scolded myself for falling so far behind on my Stop & Chats. Especially since I've had the free time to write a post of two up until yesterday. I hope I'm not falling out of the habit of writing, because I still love it! I think I'm just getting tired at some of the repetitions in my life even though each time I sit down to write a post I find something new to write about.

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  1. Oh no. Glad she is ok. But still majorly scary especially when you are half a world away.

    Glad you feel better too. That comic strip is totally me when cramping on my period. Pure misery with a side of heating pad, Tylenol and books.