Monday, April 18, 2016

Stop & Chat: April 17 & 18

Yesterday was another cleaning/lazy day. I cleaned some dishes, tidied up the house, and watched some TV. M worked all day so I didn't have much to do besides wait for him to come home. I had some leftover chicken & dumplings that I made last week. It's even better than the first time I made it!

Today I pinned M's new rank on. We took pictures, but that's not something I want to share here. I'd rather err on the side of caution with anything directly military related. It was a good experience for the both of us. This was the first time I was able to attend one of his promotion ceremonies. While there are lots of things that have to be done because this is a formality, me being there and completely messing up where I needed to walk or stand didn't matter. I didn't put his hat back on correctly... oops. LOL What was weird for me was when the soldiers of the company were told to give me a handshake as well when they came through to congratulate M. One of his superiors went on about how much I support him as a wife and at times do more for the military than he does. It made me uncomfortable because I don't feel it's true in the least. Right now I take care of the house (a little) and offer meager emotional support. I had a talk with M about it and he said that my roll would become more prominent as he progresses through his career. Right now, though, both he and I are happy with where each of our places are in this relationship. That's all you can ask for, right?

M had to go into Yongsan for an appointment today. I was supposed to go with him, but I conked out while he was getting ready and he left me to sleep. I've been feeling incredibly tired lately. I think it's due to my sleep schedule going out of whack. I've been staying up way too late and I don't have a set schedule for waking up in the morning. That needs to change!

The rest of my week is supposed to be really jam packed so I figured I would go ahead and post before I fall behind again. Expect more jam packed posts or at least a giant behemoth of a post at the end of the week!


  1. What? No explanation of the UO sign? Just there to tease and suck UO diehards like me in? lol

    My sister's husband is not in the military but is working his way up in a well known organization. When he's interviewing for higher positions it's a multi day/event process, and his wife (my sister) is judged as well. That kinda sucks. I mean I can kinda see the point but geez, what if he excels and she doesn't? It's HIS job, not hers.

    Get on a sleep schedule, girlie! *momvoice*


    1. LOL Oops! I meant to include an explanation but I completely forgot. That is a screenshot from that PvP survival game Rust I've been playing with my old UO friends. One of them likes painting pictures and the technology is within the game, so she made all sorts of things. Of course the most important thing was a commemoration of all of our times in UO. Even 5+ years removed from the height of our times together in that game we still bring up events and things we did together in UO on a daily basis.

      I'm glad the military is rather lenient about the wives. I know there are things I can do that would get Michael in trouble here in Korea, but that's because he's the reason I'm here in Korea and him sponsoring me means he is vouching for me as a US citizen. Otherwise the only way I can get Michael in 'trouble' is to be one of 'those wives' and contact his chain of command, coworkers, etc. for trivial things. I still get anxious that I don't represent myself very well for him at times like his promotion ceremony. I can only imagine what your sister feels like when her actions DO have an affect on her husband's future!

      I still fell asleep quite late last night but this morning I woke up at 7, which is early enough for me to be happy. I feel quite energized. I think I finally got out of my weird sleeping rut!

  2. Congrats to Michael! I hope someone took some photos of you guys. You can't do everything! :)

    I'm right there with you on the wacky sleep schedule. Hopefully with your busy schedule coming up, you can train your body to rise and shine at normal hours.

    1. Yes! We got to hand off our camera to one of Michael's coworkers and he got special cameraman privileges, meaning he didn't have to participate in the ceremony so he could get all of those good pictures. Michael actually tagged me on FB in one of the pictures his superior took if you wanted to see :P

      I'm hoping last night was the last weird night. I just threw myself off Friday when I stayed up late to party with some of our bowling league friends, then staying out past midnight for Lotte World. The rest of the week shouldn't be too busy. I'll be home at a reasonable hour so I can sleep at a reasonable hour. At least, until this weekend... *dramatic sigh* Ah, what a busy life I have.