Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Stop & Chat: April 22 - Daegu Day 1

This weekend was a big first for M and I. We traveled outside of our normal comfort zone by far! To recount this, I'm splitting up our weekend into 3 posts. That makes it easier to read, easier to write, and just easier all around. I'm still recovering so my brain can't think very goodly.

Friday was a travel day. I spent the morning playing some WoW with my Dad and brother, while M slept and then played some video games of his own. I had packed everything the night before, so it was just a matter of reaching that time when M said we had to leave. He was in charge of all travel accommodations.

We left the house and drove to Yongsan, where we parked the car and walked with all of our bags to Yongsan station. From there, we took the subway to Seoul station and bought some KTX/bullet train tickets.
The bullet train was fun. We've never been on one before so it was a good thing for the both of us to try. Unfortunately something about the way the train was moving and the way I was sitting didn't go well together and I felt like I had a bad pressure difference between my head and the air around me. The ride was about 1 hour 45 minutes. The picture at the beginning of this post was the place we arrived at - Dongdaegu.

From there we walked around and waited for our ride to arrive.
The whole point of this trip was for M to participate in a disc golf tournament. He was able to get in touch with the race director, J, who opened up his home to us and several other attendees for the weekend.

The air was so clear in Daegu compared to Seoul. Seoul had been in the red and purple when we departed. I don't know what Daegu's numbers were, but just looking around I felt like I could breathe some semi-fresh air for the first time in months.

J found us and we exchanged greetings before he brought us to his place. We were the first people to arrive so we got to have first pick of sleeping accommodations. We went with a very comfy twin sized bed in its own room.

After freshening up and putting our bags away, we went walking around so J could show us some places to eat at. We chose a tofu place since this particular restaurant's tofu was soft enough not to mess with M's hurting tooth.

I got the mandu & beef tofu bowl. The eggs in the top left are eggs that you break over the soup right when its brought to you.

On the other side is J's dish. He got a ham and cheese dish. The fish in the middle was delicious!

M breaking his eggs into his soup. He got a seafood tofu dish.

Before he started mixing his eggs to the bottom of the bowl so they could cook.
That food was good, and not to mention cheap. We paid W8,000 per dish.

After that we met up with one of J's friends, G, and they both took us to a dessert place.

On all signs it's called Sulbing, but G and J pronounce it "Bing-su." I think it has to do with how Koreans write versus how they speak.

I love some of the English these restaurants have on their walls.

Bing-su is frozen shaved milk, ice, or sometimes sugar as its base. Then, depending on what you get, different things are added on top. We got the "Real Best" which was a half chocolate, half cheesecake type deal. Then we're given condensed milk to add in however we want and we dig in.

This is what G and J split. Super chocolate ultra supreme. Or something like that. :)

It was good. G and J were saying that there are most likely places like this in Seoul, so we'll be able to find it once we go back home. Woot! Once we finished our dessert, we walked around some more before heading back to J's place. G went to his own house.

J gave us a tour of his home and we chitchatted and got to know each other. J has been in Korea for 5 years as a physics teacher. He has a very colorful past, both in disc golf and in life. He worked in the film industry before becoming a teacher, and has a couple nominations he showed us while we were there. The main event, however, was the showing of his disc golf memorabilia. We saw awards, trophies, pictures, maps, bag tags, and a lot of discs. Every one of the 100+ discs he showed us had its own story and history. I appreciated it just for the history aspect. M absolutely loved hearing about all of the courses J has played at and the people he's met and memories he's made.

By the time all of the stories had been recounted it was well after 11. We had to be up at 6 in the morning so we all headed off to bed.


  1. That dessert. I die. Ultra mega chocolate supreme. Yes please. Did you try a bite of the cheesecake one?

    1. I did try the cheesecake one! It was good, but I was a bigger fan of the chocolate. I'm a chocolate lover, what can I say?