Monday, April 11, 2016

Stop & Chat: April 6-11

Wednesday was bowling day! I wasn't asked to sub for anybody, but I was feeling stressed and figured I needed some of the positive atmosphere that comes with bowling. I baked a ton of chocolate chip cookies and brought those in. They were a hit! The bowling was fun. A lot of people were sick, and there wasn't much direct talking, but I'm more comfortable than ever with this group of women and am now able to participate in some of the teasing they do. It was fun, and I'm glad to've reached this point before the end of this bowling league.

Thursday was a bad weather day so we didn't end up training. I instead hopped on my bike trainer and rode for a bit. I need to get M to install that speed/cadence sensor he picked up for my bike a couple weeks ago.

I've been spending quite a bit of time playing World of Warcraft with a very old friend. This is someone that I've known for over 12 years and I would do anything for. There have been times where we've gone months or even once a whole year without talking, but each and every time we get back in touch it's like no time has passed. Here's the kicker; we have never met before. At least, not in person. I don't devalue our friendship any bit because of that.

Anyway, he's been having a rough time. His father was diagnosed with cancer. Which I thought initially was absolutely horrible. Turns out it was found early and has a high survival rate. So not horrible, but definitely not good. I've been keeping him company online by playing video games with him and chitchatting on Teamspeak.

Saturday M and I went into Yongsan to buy some stuff he needed for work. While we were there we ate out and looked for some furniture to finish the house with. I want a coat rack for the front entryway. We didn't find anything that called out to us, so we went home. The pollution index was horrible - over 150 - and I could feel it. We tried to look for some long term/reusable masks to wear, but had no success.

Yesterday I played some Rust with said online friend and our group of friends that we grew up playing UO with. While very few of us still play retail UO, we keep in contact on Facebook and Teamspeak and play other games, bringing in new friends every so often. Nothing of value happened besides a reminder to me of why I still occasionally hang out with them. I've had troubles keeping in touch as I no longer spend all of my free time online, nor am I able to stay up until 3 or 4 am like they do. One of the best things about being between 12 and 14 hours ahead of them is my regular awake times fit with their midnight gaming! Woo hoo! Anyway, the reminder was just fun toilet humor combined with countless inside jokes that span the 12+ years and countless games we have played together. There were no ill jokes towards my inability to join them more than once every year or so - just, "Oh hi! Let's play blah blah" and proceeding to act like no time has passed.

I think it's good that I took the time to play with this group (we call ourselves AXIS, which was part of our guild name on UO - AXIS of Insanity). I was feeling a bit of negative nostalgia towards our old times together and all of the fun times we had. You know, thinking about the "good old days." Yesterday helped me realize that those days aren't gone. All I have to do is hop in Teamspeak and join in whatever shenanigans they are doing and the "good old days" are back.

Eh, don't mind me. This post was a lot of thought puke. Today I played some more Rust with the group until they went off to bed and I plan to start cleaning the house once I finish this post. I didn't do a good job of maintaining a clean house over the past week, so I have nobody to blame but myself for the mess that has been left. Time to put on some uplifting music and start singing to my broom/mop while I clean! GET HYPED!!! <_<

Do you have to hyper yourself up for cleaning?


  1. UO will forever be my favorite online game. It makes me so sad the my hubby and boys lost interest long ago. I was playing yesterday, finally GMd swords on a character that's been around forever but I keep changing her skills. Decorated the yard of my virtual house a bit. Did some mining. I'm hoping to play again today if Casey doesn't suck up the internet all day with his endless Xbox hours.

    I've lost touch with the people we were closest to in UO. Sabin had moved on to Warcraft and we played with him there for a bit when we finally started WoW. Smaegol and Peris though, no clue what happened to them. =(


    1. I still pay for my accounts and still hop on and try to decorate. Nothing I do is much different from what I've done before, it's just missing that added social aspect that used to be there.
      I've had my tamer for 14 years. She has yet to reach legendary taming. I forget to work on her skills because every time I log on there's so much more to catch my attention. Oops!
      I hope you were able to play today!
      I've played WoW on and off since it came out, but it doesn't compare to UO. When it stole a bunch of players from UO there were people I never heard from again. It's weird having people that you did so much with and then not knowing what happened to them :(

    2. I've never liked the housing/decorating in any other game as much as I like UO's. We started playing WoW 10 years ago when hubby and the boys got bored with UO. WoW was all the rage at the time. Even that seems to have died down now.

      Have you ever played Everquest? That's what we almost switched to after UO. I still haven't played, and I still feel like I want to try it. I hear it's free now.


  2. Sounds like a fun day!! A good time gaming with old friends.