Friday, April 1, 2016

Stop & Chat: March 29-31

Tuesday was a busy day. You know what... every day has been a busy day. I'm still exhausted and I got something like 11 hours of sleep last night.

Tuesday was the first day of training with T and L. It was an easy-ish day. We did pliometrics and some interval training. Once we were done T and I went to my house and we showered. Then we went to the arts and crafts room in the community center and I continued working on my hanji piece!

This is what I had done that one Friday I went in with T several weeks back. Just the outside.

I tidied up the lines in the middle of the front and applied the maroon to the back. We call it painting on the paper. You use a clear glue to apply the paper and in certain sections you'll rip off the excess to create a gradient and on other sections you'll make precise cuts to your paper before you paint it on. I'm really bad about following directions so I would do a mix and match of precise cutting and ripping. The point of the rip/precise measurements is to hide seams, but I'm too impatient for that.

See on the inside of the drawer cubby holes? I kept switching between clear cuts and ripping.

The bottom of my piece right after I finished painting on the paper. Around this time T, N (someone else who was in the arts & crafts room) and I took a break to eat lunch. We had T's homemade barbecue chicken dip with some bread sticks, Triscuits, pasta, and salad. Very yummy!

Once we got back it was time for me to figure out how I was going to decorate each drawer.

My goal going into this was to do a decorative outside color with a solid color on the inside that's the same as the outside's main color. So for this black/gold drawer I would have had a black inside. For my green/gold drawer, I would have had a green inside. I couldn't find a solid black color... and turns out I couldn't find a lot of solid colors that matched my outside. My end result was to pick an inside color that I felt went well with  the outer design.

For my black/gold drawer, that meant a navy blue inside.

My green/gold drawer had a regular green inside. It's the black sheep of the bunch. Here you can also see the steps I had to take to get the inside of each drawer. First I had to apply the sides, then I cut out the approximate shape of the bottom and slapped that in there.


My first two drawers, finished.

This one turned out to be my favorite. T and N agree. The colors seem to go together really well!

Progress so far...

This was my last drawer. I wish I had done all of the other drawers like I did this one - putting the inside on first and then wrapping the outer color over the lip of the inside of the drawer. The end result is much cleaner in my opinion. Oh well! You live and you learn!

The final product. At least, what I had once I was ready to leave the arts & crafts room. I still have to decorate the inside of the drawer cubbyholes. Then I'll have to decide if/how I'm going to further decorate the outside. Then I may or may not need to bleach the outside. Then I can put my varnish on.

All in all I was at the arts & crafts room for about eight and a half hours. I got home a little before 9 in the evening. Once M got home we ate a quick meal then went to bed. We had to be up early to take the bus to Yongsan on Wednesday.

Wednesday we were up bright and early to catch a bus. I had a test to receive my SOFA driver's license (no, the irony is not lost on me) and we met up with T to get her bike trainer that she's been wanting. After that, M had a physical therapy appointment. My appointment was at 9. T had an appointment at 11:30. M's appointment was at 1. M didn't get out of his appointment until a little after 2. We had to wait for the bus back home, which left at 3:30. Because of how big Yongsan is we had just enough time to walk to the food court, buy and eat said food, then walk to the bus stop. By the time we got home and settled in it was almost 5. I had enough time to shower and eat before I left for bowling. We did okay. I did well, but nothing compared to how I did last week. The bowling lanes are horrible. The pins are sticky, the lanes need some TLC... the whole place is just neglected and we know it affects our bowling scores. Two more weeks in this league, then the bowling alley will be shut down for renovations before we look at starting another league.

C gave me a ride home from the bowling alley. I texted M at 9:04 telling him I was coming home. at 9:54 M called me asking where I was and why I wasn't home yet...
C and I had gotten caught up in chitchatting in the garage. She had given me a ride last week but something about this week had us talking and talking and talking. We have a lot of similar viewpoints on life and our personalities compliment each other quite nicely. At 11 M came downstairs to physically see if we were still alive. It still took another half hour for me to get out of the car and say goodbye. We kept trying to say goodbye but got caught up in our conversation. That's such a wonderful feeling! So I have made a new friend. This is great! I'm making friends left and right!

I finally fell asleep around midnight. Thursday I worked out with T and L again. It was a rough day. L and I weren't feeling 100% so we had an easy day. Slower running. A little more plios. L brought one of her sons with her to the field because he was feeling a little under the weather so we had some cute distractions from him. Once we finished our workout, I checked mail and picked up some milk from the grocery store before heading home. While I was working out, M brought a friend over and they played some Warframe. I got home around 11. Ate breakfast and laid down by 11:30. At 2:40, M woke me up and asked if I was going to the store with them to pick up some groceries we need. The friend, other M, promised he would help us carry our groceries since we don't have a car. Yaaay. It took me a good half hour before I was coherent enough to follow what was happening around me. By that point we were in the store picking up food. We paid for our food and took it home. M made us some sandwiches. Then I laid down and fell back asleep. I woke up around 7 this morning feeling significantly better than I did yesterday. I had no energy yesterday. I'm surprised I was able to work out!

Is it confusing yet with all of the letters I assign to people? =P I'm going to spend today staying home. Maybe cleaning. Most likely gaming all day. I feel deprived of video games. LOL


  1. LOVE how your drawers turned out. So cute! What are you going to put in them? Excited you are challenging yourself with the marathon. You got this!

    1. Thank you!! I haven't decided what I'm going to put in here yet. Maybe any supplies for my nails/hands that I pick up while here in Korea. I don't think the drawers are tall enough for nail polishes. If they aren't... there are projects I can work on with drawers that are tall enough... ahahahhaahahah!
      Oh man, Michael's even saying he wants to participate in this half marathon so there is absolutely no way I can get out of it LOL