Thursday, May 5, 2016

Sniff My Tarts - Ice Cream Cake Batter/Cotton Candy/Pomegranate

I'm doing a horrid job of making sure I have a picture of the wax I'm melting. I apologize. It's the pie on the left. <3
Scent Description: Luscious, creamy vanilla, almond, sugar cane, cake batter/fresh strawberry, sugar, sweet vanilla/none available.

Date Received: March 7, 2016

Weight Melted: 0.6 oz

Location of Warmer: Kitchen, in tealight warmer

Cold Sniff: 4/5 Lots of sweet cotton candy and cake batter. No pomegranate on cold sniff. Nonetheless, I very much liked what I smelled.

Warm Sniff: 5/5 Yummy! Sweet and light pomegranate made its way out and the end result was a sweet pomegranate & cotton candy cake. Probably too sweet for some. Divine for my nose.

Scent Strength: 2/3

Scent Throw: 3/3 This filled the entire kitchen/dining area, hallway, and office.

Melting Power: 4/5 I got about 6 and a half hours of scent from this tart.

Repurchase: Yes yes a million times yes! I loved this blend and have melted it several times since I first melted it. That and my ice cream cake batter/FPS blend are my go to scent right now.

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