Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Haul: Sniff My Tarts March 2016 Loaf Sale

Does this picture look familiar? It should, because it was recently featured on the Sniff My Tarts Facebook group page. I had a mini heart attack again when Donna & Amy contacted me, asking if they could use my picture for their group header. They've used one of my pictures before, but this time they asked for my blog so they could give me credit and link to my blog. Cue my freak out as my little corner of the internet experienced an increase in hits, searches, and comments.

Now that the increase has died down, I have enough presence of mind to finally post my loaf sale haul!

On March 11th Donna & Amy held a loaf sale, limit four loaves. There were two loaf sizes to choose from: 16 oz loaves for $16.20, and 24+ oz loaves for $23.80. I, of course, went completely overboard and bought four super ultra deluxe sized loaves. I placed my order on March 11th and it shipped on April 14th. What did I get? Why, let me show you!!

Sweet Lavender/Marshmallow Cake: No scent description available.
A very sweet lavender mixed with a very sweet & fluffy cake. What could go wrong for this sweet bakery lover? Absolutely nothing, that's what. I've already reviewed this scent in depth in a previous post. In loaf form this is just as sweet and amazing. I hope to use this to experiment with some more blends. I hope to use all of these loaves to experiment with blends! 30.4 oz

Pink Sugar/Plumeria/Peppermint: Cotton candy, vanilla, caramel, strawberry, plum, dry fig leaves, musk, anise, musk, woods/exotic sweet floral/crisp, clean, true peppermint.
Already melted and reviewed here. Delicious, slightly floral, and fully minty. Just as Amy said, I'm their plumeria lady. LOL! I just love this fragrance oil, okay?! Slather me in it 24/7 and I'll be a happy camper. It blends beautifully with so many scents, too! 30.6 oz

Sweet Lavender/Rosemary Mint: No scent description available.
I love my description from my original review of this scent blend. "A very sweet lavender with rosemary & spearmint leaves. Slightly herbal. Fully delicious." That description stays true with this loaf, with the mint stepping itself up just a notch. 30.1 oz

Ice Cream Cake Batter/Fresh Picked Strawberries: Vanilla, almond, sugar cane, cake batter/fresh picked strawberries.
Does this blend sound familiar to my blog, just like every other loaf I bought? If you said yes, you'd be right! This smells like a big dud just like the original set of No-Fuss Chunks I picked up, but knowing how the other wax performed makes me confident in the performance of this wax. A prime example of why you should melt your wax before any and all final judgements. 31.1 oz.

On to my freebies!!

Pink Lavender Coconut: No scent description available. Pretty self explanatory, though.
I pick up a very sweet lavender with a hint of pink sugar. No coconut on cold sniff. I'm interested in how this will turn out, though! 2.1 oz

Peppermint/Sweet Lavender & Rosemary Mint/Spearmint & Eucalyptus: Crisp, clean, true peppermint/"SMT Blend"/Herbal eucalyptus and spearmint, citrus lemon, lavender flowers, sage.
Mint galore. I get a huge whiff of eucalyptus and spearmint. Maybe a hint of spearmint. I don't think I can smell the lavender on cold sniff. Every mint/lavender lover's dream! 1.3 oz

Time for our price breakdown!

Price Before Shipping: $95.20
Price After Shipping: $107.03
Total Wax Received: 125.6 oz
Freebies Received: 3.4 oz (included in total wax received)
Price/Ounce without shipping: 75.8¢/ounce
Price/Ounce with shipping: 85.2¢/ounce

One thing I do have to emphasize is this was a special sale, complete with sale pricing. This is in no way indicative of Sniff My Tarts' regular pricing, which is usually around $1.20/oz sans shipping and freebies. As Donna and Amy have not offered the 24 ounce loaves at a regular price before, I do not know how much they would normally charge and cannot fully speculate the non-sale pricing of this same amount of wax.

With that being said... My goodness that's some cheap wax! I'm a happy camper with the scents I got, my freebies, how gorgeous the wax looks, and the price I paid! I will definitely be cooking up some blends with these loaves and melting these by themselves because why not these scents are amazing on their own.

Did you partake in the March 11th opening? Which of these loaves would be right at home in your stash? Are you as amazed as I am at the pricing for this awesome sale?

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