Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Stop & Chat: April 29-May 4 - Yatop, Spring Festival, & Misc!

I took tons of pictures this weekend. Unfortunately none of them are ones that I can share publicly. I probably could, but I'd rather err on the side of caution. The picture above is all that I can show you with a clear conscience.

What does that mean? That means you shall be receiving a wall of text. If you choose to continue, you have been prepared.

Friday was an unexpectedly busy day. I knew I was going to go on post to the art center to work on my Hanji project with T. I figured that would be around lunch time. At about 9, C -the same person that I went to The Great Escape with and know from bowling- invited me out to Yatop. So we met up on post and hopped on the bus. Our goal going to Yatop was to pick up a bunch of Korean candy to send back home. Along the way we also went to a store called Modern Living, where I picked up a set of coffee mugs. Not that I need any more, nor was I there to pick up mugs. We were looking for plate sets since one of my plates exploded in our microwave. Apparently American plates don't play well with Korean microwaves. We didn't see any plate sets that called out to me. The set of 4 mugs did, so I went with those. It was a decent deal, too. I'll try to remember to take a picture as I'm cleaning up the house and putting stuff away tomorrow. 4 smaller sized mugs for W5,900, or about $5.

Once we finished walked around we caught a train and went to a Korean restaurant on post for lunch. I picked up a beef bulgogi & rice meal. C and I shared some yaki mandu. While there we ran into two other women from the bowling league. They sat with us and we chitchatted about the upcoming spring festival. These two ladies are FRG leaders and do a lot for their respective companies in terms of MWR activities. I normally wouldn't have a problem with that, but there were times where we were being scolded like children for not 'pulling our weight' while being here. Sigh.

Once we finished up our lunch, we headed over to the art room to meet up with T. C didn't hang around very long before her husband got off work and she went home with him. I chitchatted with T while working on my art project and I got to meet two of T's friends & said friends' children. I didn't do much with my project that day. I was there for almost 3 hours and only painted on the paper that would decorate the inside of each drawer's cubbyhole. Part of it was because of how difficult it was getting the paper properly sized and getting it to stick to its area properly. The other part was because we were all socializing more than paying attention to our projects. 5 rolled around and T and I packed up our projects and walked together to the beginning of my neighborhood. I waited with her at the bus stop until her bus arrived, then walked home, ate, and slept. Before M got home, C got in contact with me and asked if I wanted to go to Yongsan with her to buy groceries before we went to the Spring Festival. I said yes, because M was working and we needed groceries.

I woke up at 6:45, showered, got dressed, and putted around online before I walked to our meetup point with C. I got to meet her dogs! C and I have established that M and I are willing to take her dogs if she ever needs someone to watch them. It was just a matter of letting me meet the dogs and see how we got along. Long story short, the answer is yes. C said it made her feel a whole lot better about her dogs' care should she and her husband not be able to bring them on a trip.

We got to Yongsan and bought our groceries. Who would've thought a grocery trip would be fun? I don't mind it when I go with M, but the way he shops drives me up the wall. I go through an aisle once. He loves zigzagging across the store to pick up things as he remembers what he wants.

We paid for our groceries, then drove home to put each person's groceries away. First' was C's house, then mine. From my house we drove on post and got ready for the Spring Festival activities!!

The festival was fun. We bought slushees & other junk foods, met up with friends and chitchatted, and received a few freebies. I picked up an ACS picture frame for my nonexistent pictures. I also picked up a free BB cream for some unknown reason. We all know how much I wear makeup. *eyeroll*

The end of our night was spent sitting at the stage and watching the various Korean bands/performers sing and dance. I think my sister would have loved it, even if her favorite band didn't play at this event. I loved it! There was a trio of women who played an electric violin, clarinet, and guitar/piano that really caught my eye. There was an opportunity for groups & people to take pictures with these women while they were playing one of their songs, but I chickened out at the last minute.

The night ended with some cleaning up of trash & a walk home where I crashed before M got home from work. Yes, he worked the day of the festival.

Sunday I was out of commission. I've been dealing with some allergies since our visit to Daegu, so I took a Benadryl and slept the day away after trying to play video games with my dad and brother. Falling asleep in the middle of a raid is quite funny after the fact, but during it confounded me. It wasn't until that time that I remembered how drowsy Benadryl makes you. Oops. The good thing is my weird allergies stopped and I'm back to normal!

Monday was M's day off, and he and I went for an impromptu run in the morning. I got in 2 miles. I'm proud of that because I had 2 cups of coffee in my system before M asked if I wanted to run with him. I don't do well with running/physical activity right after food/drink. What I'm not proud of is how sore my body is two days later. You'd think I've never run before in my life! The rest of Monday was spent staying in with M. We originally planned to go see a movie, but both decided that we preferred to stay in and play video games together instead.

Tuesday we both went to the Hanji class. I started lacquering my project and M finished cutting out a design he's planning to glue onto his table. After that we went home and I babied M for the rest of the day. He's switching back to night shift and these past few days have been hard for him. He's trying to switch his sleep schedule over, but he also is in a bit of pain from his bad tooth that is in the process of getting a root canal.

Today M and I went to Yongsan for step two of his root canal, and I was there to be his chaperone and drive him home. I had to cancel some plans I made to be able to drive him home. My friends were completely understanding, but M tried to be stubborn and tell me he would be fine. In the end he was very glad I was there to drive while he held his head in pain on the way home. The worst part is he still has to work tonight while he's drugged up on pain meds. I've been switching between playing video games and checking on him on the couch. The poor guy is miserable. The good thing is once he gets his crown next week his tooth will no longer be bugging him!

I haven't been melting any new scents in my warmers. Instead I've been reaching for scents I've already reviewed just so I don't have to write down information about what I'm melting. I'm behind on posts. The life of a semi-social butterfly is exhausting. LOL

How has Spring treated you? Are you dealing with allergies right now?

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