Thursday, May 19, 2016

Stop & Chat: May Catch Up

I'm getting some serious nostalgia while leveling some characters on World of Warcraft with my dad. WoW is one of those games that I can go to each zone/expansion pack's world and revisit memories of time periods of my life. Ultima Online is the same way. So is The Sims... all 4 iterations and associated expansion packs. I've always said that if I get a tattoo it will be something gaming related, and I have some ideas that have been swimming in my head for years... but I'm still wary of making that sort of decision when it's so permanent.

M and I went to Humphreys the weekend of the 7th to check out the disc golf course available. It's small but very fun, and designed by J, the  man we stayed with when we went to Daegu. In case I didn't mention it in that series of posts, J designed both the Daegu and Humphreys course. He is the cornerstone to disc golf in Korea, and helped facilitate the rise in popularity of disc golf in this region.

M is in the swing of night shift again, which means I spent some nights in the guest room. It's especially hard for him because he still hasn't finished his root canal, and this one is taking much longer than normal ones do from what I'm told. It has to do with the location of his tooth and the dentist trying to make sure he can still go to work after each appointment. It doesn't mean I feel any better seeing him in pain while he recovers after each drilling/cleaning appointment.

The past few months have seen me put a lot more effort into my mental and physical well being than any other point in my life. I'm maintaining a semi active social life, staying on top of being physically active and eating right, and putting more effort into pampering myself. All of my bath and body products are being used! My skin feels and looks soft and lively! I'm handling stressors better than ever, and taking on more responsibility without batting an eye. I'm the one that budgets our finances and while I can't say it doesn't stress me out every time I look at it, I'm able to address my concerns with a level head where I used to freak out and talk myself into a spiral of stress.

I didn't mean to fall so incredibly behind on posting. I've thought about the blog each and every day. Unfortunately, I either didn't have time to write out my Stop & Chat post or had nothing of worth to blog about. I still very much want to blog, I just ran out of things to blog about. After a discussion that reminded me how long it's been since I last posted a Stop & Chat, I made a point to sit down and type out this quick catch up. I think that's it for now. M is sleeping but once he wakes up we plan to take care of some maintenance for the car. Fun adult things.


  1. I'm getting excited for the Warcraft movie. Will you see it? We're going to reactivate our accounts next week because you get ingame movie related items if you log on between May 25 and August 1 or something like that.

    I've become sucky again about blogging. My intentions are there but when I sit down to do it my doubting mind jumps back to the mopey 'What's the point?' =(


    1. I will definitely see it! As soon as I possibly can here :D I saw the movie related items thing for those who log in. I wonder what we'll get!

      I can understand that. I don't know how bloggers/YouTubers stay making content for years on end. I let my own thoughts get in the way with 'this is too repetitive, what's the point' a lot.

      I do enjoy reading what you post, though! No matter what it is :) For me, I like the personality behind the blogger/youtuber and that's what keeps me coming back.