Thursday, June 2, 2016

Band of Bloggers - Vol. 6/June 2016

Welcome to the June edition of the Band of Bloggers!
We hope you have been enjoying this little monthly conversations of ours, as much as we enjoy having them. As always, we hope you will join in this month and chat with us.

I can't quite believe that we are officially at the half-way mark of 2016. I don't know about you but the past two months felt especially whirl-windy to me. In Singapore, June is the month to slow down and relax. All the schools are out and you can almost feel the country heave a collective sigh of relief. What are your summer plans, are you doing anywhere fun with family and friends? I am looking ahead to a month of packed weekends! A good friend of mine is getting married in early July and I am going to be a bridesmaid for the first time! We just did the dress fittings and we are getting deep into the final details for the big day!

Of course, with all the rushing around and the summer heat, hydration is going to be key to keeping healthy and glowing. I drink eight glasses of water on a regular basis (keeping a huge bottle on my desk helps) and my favourite drink is an ice(cold) lemon tea! Not surprisingly, I love tea-related scents as well. I find tea scents are such a subtle way to keep the room smelling fresh and feeling cool (does that make sense?).

And so with all that rambling, my question to you is what are your favourite drinks and drink scents? Do they correspond like mine?

Oooh, good question Michelle! I do find that I enjoy tea scents, though probably not as much as I enjoy drinking tea. I enjoy coffee as well, but that's an iffy thing in wax form. With Summer rearing its head I've found myself melting fizzy drink scents. So I suppose they only partially correspond, as I try not to drink too much soda and I don't melt a lot of coffee scents. You bet your butt when I find a good coffee blend I will be melting it, though!


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  1. The fizzy scents can be fun but I have to really be in the mood. I wonder what makes coffee so hard to nail?

    1. I don't know why coffee is so difficult in wax, but it makes me so sad! I love the smell of coffee and don't always want to drink coffee, so it would be nice to have that smell without wasting coffee or drinking it if I don't want it.
      I think my mass of L3 fizzy scents has forced me into liking fizz more than I used to.

  2. I don't seek out the coffee scents myself but when sent some in mystery bags, I do melt them. I find that they have to be mixed with something really sweet for me to like them. I do find them comforting on cooler days. It would be nice to find a really good one so that I can melt them at work so that I don't drink too much caffeine itself. LOL.

    1. I haven't seen coffee scents offered in wax form much. I guess nobody likes it anymore. LOL I agree, though; mix it with something sweet or all I'll smell is the bitterness that coffee has.